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Winter: The Best Time to Update Your Storefront Sign

As a small business owner and operator, you care greatly about your professional profile and reputation. Your standing in the community means a lot and can influence your sales and revenue streams year-round. One of the best, simplest ways to increase and improve the impressions customers and visitors have regarding your business is to renovate with new storefront signs.

Small renovations, like replacing your storefront signs, can have a huge positive effect. Strategically, the best time to renovate is during the winter, when people’s shopping patterns depend greatly on the weather conditions. Ordering new storefront signs this winter will ensure your business increases its local visibility to pedestrians on the street, and your customers when they visit your store.

Storefront Signs Increase Visibility

Depending on where you live in Ontario, the weather outside is either mild or intense. No matter whether you are waiting for the snow to fall, or waiting for it to go away, it is well-known that the weather influences individuals’ shopping patterns. For instance, more ice cream is sold during the summer, and more coats are sold during the fall and winter.

Regardless of your inventory, you will need to compensate for the changing shopping patterns, as long as you are operating your small business in the winter. You may experience a slight decrease in revenue and sales until the holiday season picks up again before St. Valentine’s Day, and storefront signs are a great way to do just that.

Storefront signs, whether placed prominently in your display window, above the door, or hanging on the wall serve several purposes, which can increase sales. Firstly, they are a great way to increase the ability for visitors and customers to see your store. This is a basic necessity that many small businesses do not fulfill. Having an old, scratched storefront sign, with peeling paint, will off-put a potential customer because they will feel you are not committed to your business’s vitality and do not care about your customers.

Secondly, a new storefront sign, especially during a slower season, is a great way to improve your local profile and increase the possibility of sales. You can test the effectiveness of such small renovations like signage without potentially sacrificing your customer base. If your storefront sign does not attract new and old customers, you can always change it before the spring starts.

More Attentive Customers

Due to the weather, your customer base will be more attentive when they visit your store during the slow winter season, unless you operate a winter-themed business. Smaller crowds and a quieter atmosphere will allow your customers to relax and really experience everything your store has to offer, including your new storefront signs.

Any changes or renovations you make during slower sales periods will be recognized more, which is great for getting feedback from customers. Since the bulk of your annual revenue is not at stake until your sales increase during the spring or summer, you can afford to make your mistakes now. Using their feedback, you can continually make improvements to your store, which can increase your profile dramatically if done right.

For instance, if you run a coffee shop, you can purchase small indoor storefront signs that advertise an “unofficial” customer favorite, add new suggestions to the official menu, or name new items after local sports heroes. Advertising new long-term promotions with storefront signage is a great way to increase your company profile during a slow period.

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