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What Benefits Do Channel Letters Offer to Your Business? | Business Signs Toronto

If you’re new to the concept of channel letters, you may just have stumbled on an extremely impactful and cost-effective marketing weapon.

In simple terms, channel letters are icons that are custom-made from a host of materials, including plastic and metal. Suitable for both simple and decidedly complex, LED-illuminated designs, these letters are typically used in exterior signage to display an associated brand name or visual identity.

Make no mistake; signage remains particularly important if you own a piece of real-estate, as this can provide an incredibly simple but effective way of raising awareness among consumers. In this article, we’ll explore channel letters in closer detail and consider the main benefits that they offer to brands.

1. Channel Letters Build Awareness Around Your Brand and its Location | Business Signs Toron-to

Despite the apparent dominance of digital channels, we live in an age where offline marketing outlets are more important than ever. This is thanks to the rise of integrated marketing campaigns, which strive to leverage multiple channels in order to maximize and enhance the typical customer journey.

With this in mind, channel or LED letters can play a pivotal role in building awareness around your brand and business proposition, particularly within the local community. This may be particularly beneficial for small businesses, as entities of this type tend to establish a core client base within the local area before looking to evolve through organic growth or franchising.

Lit letters can be especially effective in this respect, as they can highlight your brand name and ensure that it is visible to a larger audience for a longer period of time.

2. Channel Letters Are Likely to Engage Customers | Business Signs Toronto

We’ve already touched on the importance of offline marketing channels, with traditional billboards offering a relevant example. Not only does is cost-effective and accessible medium especially engaging, but it also serves as a key driver of assisted conversions for brands.

The same principle can apply to signage and channel letters, especially when it is eye-catching and utilizes vivid design or bold color combinations. Such lettering is certainly capable of attracting the attention of passing trade, while also driving customers into your store and potentially increasing your conversion rate.

Much will depend on the quality and execution of your signage, of course, but there’s no doubt that channel and LED letters can be leveraged as an organic and effective marketing tool in the modern age.

3. Signage Drives Repeat Impressions and a Higher ROI | Commercial Signs Toronto

Not only is your signage an organic marketing tool, but it also an extremely cost-effective one.

This has much to do with the relatively affordable nature of designing letters, while it’s also important to note that effective signage serves multiple purposes on behalf of your business.

Due to the prominent and eye-catching nature of good signage, it is also capable of driving repeat im-pressions without increasing your marketing costs. This sets it apart from more traditional channels like television and radio, as it increases the exposure of your brand while also delivering a higher ROI.

Using Vital Signs for all your Business Signage Needs to Achieve Your Objectives

These benefits are hard to ignore, which is why the design and execution of your signage is so crucial.

Regardless of the type of letters that you choose, however, the team at Vital Signs is well-placed to help you achieve your objectives. We have worked alongside small businesses in and around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, and Thornhill, while also servicing those in Brampton, Mississauga, and the GTA region.

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