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The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Business’s Sign Box

When it comes to business signage, you don’t want to cheap out. A sign is almost always the first impression potential customers get of your firm. According to consumer surveys, signs a responsible for half of a start-up’s consumer base, and signs, in general, have a greater impact than word of mouth, newspapers, radio, and television advertisements.
Designing an effective sign box is no easy task. Sure, you may know the right things to consider, but what about the things not to do? Here are some of the most common mistakes in signage design for you to avoid.

Making It Hard to Read | Sign Boxes Toronto

Some of the most common mistakes small businesses make with their sign boxes are embarrassingly easy to spot. Their signs might be hard to read because of a lack of contrasting colors for instance. The fonts might be hard to read, consisting of narrow text, cursive, and all-caps typefaces.
In an attempt to look fancy, some businesses go too far with the colors and graphics, using such a complicated design that it edges on gaudy. The text might not be concise enough and thus fly right over the public’s short attention span.

Mistakes in the Text | Sign Boxes Toronto

Double check your sign’s content before publishing. The last thing you want is for your sign to stand for weeks on end before you realize the phone number was printed incorrectly on it. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and incorrect contact information, all of which paints an unprofessional image of your firm.

Not Choosing an Accessible Location | Sign Boxes Toronto

Signs are best read straight on, but it’s almost impossible to guarantee every customer will have the optimal viewing experience. When choosing where to place your sign, consider:
The size of the sign. Make it large enough that people reading from a distance can still recognize the words.
Any possible obstructions. Keep your sign box away from trees, bushes, and buildings that could obscure it.
Places featuring high traffic. Maximize your exposure by placing it on a busy sidewalk or the side of a building overlooking a busy street.

Not Getting Professional Installation | Sign Boxes Toronto

There are certain jobs out there that shouldn’t be DIY-ed. Opt for the professional installation, as some mistakes you might make doing it yourself include:
Not weatherproofing. Sign boxes need to be sealed from the rain to protect the electronic components inside.
Not fastening the sign firmly, resulting in it falling over.
Loose components wearing down due to being installed improperly

Not Maintaining the Sign Box

No matter how durable your sign is, it’s still sitting outside exposed to the elements 24/7. Every now and again, take some steps towards maintaining it properly. For instance,
Wash it to keep the dirt off, preserving the readability and beauty.
Replace faded text to keep your company’s image clean.
Fix burnt out lights. Missing letters can give your business a shoddy look.
For that last one, consider opting for LEDs instead of neon lighting since the former requires less maintenance.

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