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Winter Is Coming: Three Reasons to Renovate Your Signs Before Summer

Signs can get damaged over time due to weather conditions. The winter can be a challenging time for most customers to visit your store. There are many weather conditions that can inconvenience your customers, and they may delay or skip purchasing your items for a closer competitor. Bad weather, cold snaps, and spending their vacation time with family, all consume their time.

However, wintertime can be one of the best times during the year to improve your store. Renovations, no matter how small, will be worth their price when the spring and summer come, even if you just update your store’s signs. Here are three reasons why.

Renovation Is a Long-Term Process

Anyone who has done or supervised renovations in the past knows they are not short-term processes. Updating your signs, a room, or your entire store, is a long process that may take years to realize to perfection. As a small business owner, you also know it is best to make small renovations at a time, to avoid negatively affecting your business and revenue, instead of closing your store for weeks or months and renovating the entire store at once.

A great renovation to start with, or even redo, no matter where you are in the renovation process, is your signage. Your signs are a small, yet important, part of your business that gets daily exposure from visitors and customers. Renovate them today and reap the rewards and benefits for years to come.

It’s Easier to Renovate Signs with Smaller Crowds

Besides the winter holiday shopping season and New Year, most people do not have a reason to go gift shopping unless a birthday, a friend’s party, or Valentine’s Day comes up. As a small business owner and operator, you are probably used to this dip in projected revenue by now, as your sales come from your most dedicated customers until the spring. However, this quiet shopping season also provides much opportunity to plan for the year ahead. Use this quieter time when your store is not as busy to renovate, starting with your store signs.

Once the summer comes, you may not have the time or ability to plan and coordinate any minor or major renovations. Signs are a great renovation to make in the wintertime, and their value lasts for years to come. It is also much easier to hang signs when you have fewer visitors and customers, which reduces the chance of injury or accident when hanging them. Once the spring and summer come, your customer base will be pleased to see all the hard work and dedication you have invested in your store.

Over-prepare for Success

The winter is the best time to renovate your store because the weather is harsher and more demanding. This may seem counter intuitive but, if your renovations can last the winter, they can definitely last year round. This may not be accurate the other way around.

Even a renovation as simple and affordable as replacing your store signs can be much more challenging in the summertime, where crowds make installation more difficult than it needs to be, and the weather conditions may ruin your signs when it becomes colder.

Signs must be done correctly and be durable because they are one of the first impressions customers will have of your store. They will generalize their thoughts to your entire business, for better or worse. Professional, nicer-looking signs will have a better impression on visitors and customers than signs that are aging and deteriorating, with peeling paint. Ensure your signs are sufficiently weatherproofed by ensuring they can withstand the elements year-round.

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