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Why Should I Purchase LED Letters for My Store?

When choosing to install letters to the front of your store, there are specific design choices that you need to make. Not only do you need to determine whether you want the letters to be illuminated, but you also need to choose the method of illumination. Many store owners like LED lights for their letters, because LED lights are cheap and plentiful, and easy to replace.

Here is a helpful scenario to explain this:

You need a form of signage. Option A is cheaper to install, and cheaper over the course of its lifetime. Option A is also cheaper to replace. Option B, however, is more expensive to install and more expensive to maintain over the course of its lifetime. Option B is also more expensive to replace.

However, while Option A and Option B are the same type of product, Option B is more iconic. Nevertheless, the majority of people who use Option A and Option B will never know the difference, or ultimately care about the difference.

This, effectively, is the difference between LED lighting and other forms of lighting like Neon signage. LED lighting, or Option A, is the best option for your business, and for your wallet.

The Cost of Maintaining LED Letters

Luckily, LED lights are cost-effective. Other forms of lighting may be more expensive, like neon lighting. If a neon light tube breaks, it can be costly to replace. Not so with LED lights! In part, the cost efficiency of LED lights is owed to their great energy efficiency, which means they will last a very, very long time.

A huge part of business, and this involves any expense, not just lighting or signage, is the ability to create a basic outline financially about what your investments will cost you in the future. If a product costs $10 to buy, $15 to sell, and $50 in shelving space, it may not be the best investment, simply because you can use your shelving space more economically if you purchase more popular goods for sale. The same is true with lighting.

Neon lights look cool. LED lights, however, are more cost-effective. Over time, you will be able to profit more with LED lighting, and only you will know the difference between light types. This makes LED lighting a great investment, knowing that your investment will not only pay for itself, but pay off greatly in the near future.

The Popularity of LED Letters

Beyond store signage, LED lighting is everywhere. This popularity helps lower costs and increase the stock supply of LED lighting for when you need to replace your own lights. Here are a few industrial uses of LED lights which indirectly help lower your marketing expense budget:

● Street lights

● Modular lighting

● Area lighting (both indoor and outdoor)

● Garage lighting

The uses of LED lighting are endless, as you can see from their prolific usage. They are so popular and so cost-effective that many business in practically every industry is using them. You should consider using them for your store lighting as well. Consider installing some signage with LED lighting today. You will not regret it!

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