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What to Include on Your Outdoor Signs

If you are looking to design a new set of outdoor signs, it is important that you understand the basic information that you should display on them. Vital Signs manufactures outdoor signs and provides creative input for all of its clients.

The basic format for outdoor signs is plain text, a company logo, basic information, and contact information. These types of outdoor signs are usually placed at smaller businesses and at business parks. For example, imagine the outdoor signs for Jim’s Auto. It features a small picture of a car, the company’s name, phone number, website link, and a basic sentence explaining the services they offer. These are the core requirements for outdoor signs.

However, there are always concepts that challenge the pre-established notions of normality. Generally, these types of outdoor signs are highly creative and inspired by a certain campaign or business principal. For example, a few years back, McDonald’s launched a set of outdoor signs that features a picture of tasty food, and a clock showing the current time with the message, “It’s [TIME] we’re open.” Another McDonald’s ad featured the company’s logo, a random distance, and an arrow pointing in a direction. Customers who saw this sign instantly knew that a McDonald’s was located nearby. While the sign didn’t feature extensive content, contact information, or anything of significance, customers were able to quickly identify the logo and determine the medium of the message.

Remember, when designing outdoor signs, focus on the basics and work hard to improve brand consistency, font consistency, color contrast, implement special effects, and limit graphics whenever possible.

Vital Signs specializes in outdoor signs and offers its services to businesses in Toronto, Concord, Brampton, and throughout most of the GTA. If you have any questions about our company, please feel free to contact us today.