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What to Consider When Purchasing Indoor Signs

Small business owners do not usually purchase indoor signs as much as they purchase outdoor signs, because most advertising is used to attract your customer into your store. However, purchasing indoor signs can be very beneficial for your business growth and sales revenue.

The Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Indoor Signs for your Store

Less Confusion About Store Layout

The layout of a store can be very confusing for customers. The amount of shelves, to the shelves’ height, to the way your products are organized, can all lead to customers’ confusion when they want to find specific items. If, for instance, you own a sports store, while one manager may place motorcycle gloves in the “Automotive” section, while another worker may place them in “Clothing and Accessories.”

Installing indoor signs showing and directing customers where the most popular inventory is can be very helpful in reducing the time customers are searching for their desired products. They will be more likely to return to your store in the future, knowing that your business helps customers find what they need with indoor signs.

Draw Customers’ Attention to Promotions and Deals

You probably already advertise your in-store promotions and deals to the local community by placing text advertisements in the newspaper or sending out notifications on social media to your business’s online fans and followers. However, you should also advertise in-store as well. Not every customer will know about the deals and promotions you are running and it would be a shame if they were to miss them. In addition, even if customers have heard of your latest sales campaign, they may enjoy being reminded of it again, in case they forgot.

Helping your customers have the best shopping experience possible results in great word of mouth advertising that can lead to boosts in sales revenue during the winter months.

A Great Way to Advertise Business Alliances

You may currently hold business alliances with other local small business owners in complimentary industries. For instance, if you own a steakhouse, you may have a business alliance with the owner of a nearby culinary supply store that sells steak knives. Placing indoor signs near the entrance of your store is a great way to strengthen this alliance. If your business ally also places a sign advertising your store, you both can gain a significant increase in sales revenue via this indirect marketing and advertising method.

An Aid for ESL Customers

Canada is a melting pot of diversity with hundreds of languages being spoken within our borders every day. However, if English is not a customer’s first language, he or she may have trouble when navigating your store, understanding the different labeling between similar products, or needing to ask for assistance. Installing indoor signs can be immeasurably helpful to them.

If your business is known as “multi-lingual friendly,” you will start receiving more business from the international community, whether it is newly landed immigrants or tourists on vacation.

Reduced Traffic at the Cash Registers

Most businesses that can afford it have multiple cash registers set up to accommodate their many customers. A huge part of customer satisfaction lies in the speed of your cashiers. While you customers may not mind spending time navigating your store and thinking about which products or services they want to purchase, they will be aware of every moment they have to wait in line.

Placing indoor signs that direct customers into a line, or to a self-pay station (if you have one), can lessen the time customers have to wait to pay for their goods.

Vital Signs can help you increase your sales revenue and the satisfaction of your customers’ shopping experience with indoor signs. We have helped small business with their indoor signs in Toronto and the GTA. For more information, please visit us at our website.