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What to Consider When Purchasing a Pylon Sign

A Pylon sign is a large investment every small business must consider thoroughly before purchasing, not only financially, but geometrically as well. However, while a pylon sign is great for visibility and can direct customers to your doors rather easily, there are a few things you must consider before purchasing one.

First, you must find out whether it is legal for you to purchase and install a pylon sign outside your business. This is especially important if you do not own the land your business is on, but just rent it out.

Second, consider the price of purchasing, designing, and installing a pylon sign. While pylon signs vary in price, you must ensure your advertising budget does not affect any other facet of your business, as this can lead to financial ruin and bankruptcy rather easily if you are not careful with your finances.

Third, you need to think about the design of your pylon sign. It should be unique, yet normative, so your potential visitors and customers not only know what your business is about, but also show your superiority over your business competition as well.

Legal Obligations to Consider

If you work from home, you may not be able to erect a pylon sign in your neighborhood. Your neighborhood council may reject the installation of a pylon sign because they fear it might lower housing prices, or it may just be plain distracting to your neighbors. Since there are many reasons a pylon sign may draw the ire of your neighbors, see if you have permission to erect a pylon sign before you spend any money actually doing so.

Even if your business is located in a commercial district, you may not have the legal permission from your local government to construct a pylon sign. Your city or town council may decide there is not enough available land to build on near your business, they may feel it ruins the “small town feel” of the commercial district, or you may not even own the land, if you are renting your commercial property instead of owning it.

The Cost of Advertising

A pylon sign costs quite a bit more than standard storefront or neon signage, and the price will be based on multiple factors, one of the most important being its size. It is simply more expensive to purchase a larger sign than a smaller one, due to the extra labour and materials needed to produce it.

You either may not have the advertising budget to purchase a large pylon sign, or you may find you want to purchase a small pylon sign anyways because it is not the only marketing expense your small business must cover. Regardless of your reason, you should look at your advertising budget and ensure your business can cover the costs of a pylon sign so it does not hurt you financially.

If your small business can weather the cost of a pylon sign and you want to purchase one, visit Vital Signs and set up a meeting.

A Unique Yet Normative Design

One of the final, but most important, steps when deciding whether to purchase a pylon sign is the design. Not only do you need to choose a unique design to stand out from your competition, but you also need to conform somewhat to the standard public conception of your industry.

Basically, you will need to find a design that is new and exciting but is not too eccentric for your industry. After all, once your design is on a pylon sign, the whole community will be able to see it and the last thing you need is to display an incorrect sign or eccentric design.

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