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Weather-Proof Your Marketing & Advertising Budget with Channel Letters

Channel letters are made with aluminum, which has great properties that protect it against the weather. This is why you rarely see an airplane that is rusting. Most of them are made of aluminum. When pure aluminum comes into contact with oxygen, a layer forms on the surface of the aluminum called aluminum oxide. This is a whitish powder that you can wipe off the aluminum. It may take a few minutes to do so but this amount of maintenance is nothing compared to other forms of metal signage. This is why aluminum stands up so well to all forms of weather that would ruin other forms of signage, like wooden signs or steel.

Even if you use lit letters or led letters in your channel letters to ensure you’re able to advertise your business during your off hours at night, they too will be protected because they are placed within your channel letters. The surface of your leds will not come into direct contact with exterior weather conditions so there is no need to fear them breaking or needing to be replaced as a result.

2 Reasons Why Aluminum Channel Letters Will Help Extend your Advertising Budget

Aluminum Does Not Rust

Ferric metals like iron rust. Since aluminum is not a ferric metal, it cannot rust. This is great news for business owners who are interested in purchasing aluminum channel letters, lit letters, or led letters, because nothing looks worse than rusted metal. If you were to purchase a sign made of steel or iron, you would constantly have to maintain it to ensure it did not start to rust. This is time consuming and not every business owner or operator has the time to devote to maintaining his or her signage. You need a solution that is quick, easy, and works for you in the long term.

As iterated before, aluminum can oxidize (which is also the process by how iron rusts) but it only creates a whitish powder that can be easily wiped off. This is a small inconvenience when you consider all the maintenance other forms of metal require.

Aluminum Does Not React with Water

Since aluminum oxidized to create aluminum oxide, it does not react with water. Aluminum oxide creates a barrier that protects the underlying aluminum from water that would penetrate other metals and start the rusting process.

Unlike other business competitors who have other forms of signage, you can rest assured that your aluminum channel letters will not be affected by the rain, or any other type of “wet” weather, like snow, ice, sleet, rain, and more. When business owners purchase advertising and marketing signage, they may not consider the long-term costs of the materials used. After all, steel is a tough, strong metal when you first see it. However, if you have ever seen a rusted-out car, you know that steel and iron are poor metals to use if you value their longevity.

Choose aluminum channel letters today and even your led letters and lit letters will remain safe and dry in the rain.

If you want to make a lasting investment in your business, as well as save your advertising and marketing budget, consider purchasing channel letters, lit letters, or led letters today. Vital Signs sells channel letters to business owners and operators in and around Toronto and the GTA. Visit us at our website to learn more, or to place an order.