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Using Sign Design to Attract Customers

Advertising is a competitive industry and a business must understand the fundamentals of sign design if they want to make their signs attract customers. There are several factors related to the sign design process that will help a business attract customers. Vital Signs offers sign design services to all of our clients and we work hard to ensure that we manufacture high quality signs that will fit the needs of your business.

The most important factors in sign design revolve around finding the right size and scale, location, color and graphics, font and overall message, and contrast for your signs. These reasons may seem obvious and that is because they are obvious, but still, many businesses make the mistake of ignoring them and creating ineffective signage.

Size and Scale

Early on in the sign design process, a company must think about the size of the sign they need. Are you advertising in a crowded urban area? If so, you may require a flashy and large sign to help you stand out amongst your competition. Are you in a remote are along a highway? You may need a vivid sign with clear text and a short message. Are you advertising on the side of a large building? Consider using large graphics and text that help you advertise your message over large distances. Size and scale are vital and a business must understand their needs if they are to design an effective sign that will help them accomplish their goals.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything for a sign. We touched on this in the last section, but like size and scale, location is easily as important. If you place your sign in the wrong location, you may target the wrong market and showcase it to consumers who have no interest in your product. For example, Tesla wouldn’t want to advertise their cars in a rural area populated by individuals who drive big gas guzzling trucks. The company knows their target market is an individual who cares about the environment and the concept of renewable energy. Location is everything to a sign and something to consider during the sign design process.

Graphics and Color

Straight text signs are boring and will turn consumers away from your business. Color and graphics help bring a sign alive. Combining text with beautiful colors and graphics will help you illustrate your message and showcase your products and services. A great example of proper graphic and color combinations is any of Apples modern advertising, they captivate the imagination of their consumers and convince them that they need to have their products.

Font and Message

Choosing the right font will increase the visibility of your sign. Using the wrong font can hurt the effectiveness of your sign. However, font goes hand in hand with the overall message that you are trying to explain through your sign. Many companies try to stuff too many words into their signs. One of the most important rules of sign design is to express your message in as few words as possible. Try to tell your story in one or two sentences. Once you have achieved this, shorten it without compromising the overall message. In the end, you will have a shortened message that is palatable by the average consumer.


The final rule of sign design is to select the right contrast. Combining the right colors will increase the attractiveness of your sign, but choosing the wrong ones will strain the eyes of consumers and hurt your advertising efforts. You wouldn’t combine blue and red, the two colors don’t blend well and they are hard on your eyes. However, black and white, yellow and black, green and white, and other basic color contrasts are useful and will help increase the visibility of your sign.

Vital Signs offers sign design services to clients in Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and throughout the GTA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.