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Two Reasons Neon Pylon Signs Will Brighten Your Winter

Winter has arrived and, as the days grow colder and the night becomes darker earlier, the city lights glow brightly. If you do not have a neon pylon sign advertising your store to your local community, you are wasting a precious advantage that other businesses are using to their fullest benefit.

Pylon signs are a great way to advertise during the winter and year-round. Not just useful for their presence and visibility, pylon signs are affordable and provide a great means to advertise your business. In more detail, here are two great reasons to purchase and install a neon pylon sign today.

The Advertising Benefits Winter Brings

If you own or operate a small business during the wintertime, you will greatly benefit from purchasing and installing a pylon sign. Firstly, pylon signs have a tremendously positive effect on advertising because the days become darker quicker.

This is a great way to advertise in a competitive market, especially if your competitors do not own pylon signs of their own. Your signs will now shine bright over twelve hours at a time, advertising your business and location to many potential pedestrians and drivers going by.

Secondly, pylon signs specifically offer advertising benefits.. If your pylon sign is neon, you can keep it powered on for years, or keep it on intermittently to extend its life. Even if you only turn your neon pylon sign on when it gets dark outside, it is a great way to advertise in the dim conditions.

Pylon signs also help people like joggers and drivers navigate at night. Every light source matters and is memorable when exercising or working in the dark. The brightness of neon signage will not only serve as a direction marker and landmark to potential visitors and customers, but it will also help advertise, even if through word-of-mouth.

You may find new customers who heard of your store due to the benefit it had for their family and friends driving by. Visibility is key to making a positive lasting impression on customers and pylon signs get them in the door.

Pylon Signs Are Versatile, Just Like the Changing Weather

Neon pylon signs are very versatile and can be useful year-round, not just in the wintertime. They can be useful for a variety of businesses, regardless of your needs. They last for years, are very bright and capable of grabbing customers’ attention, and can be ordered in an array of colors.

You can even change the neon light tubes to reflect current and future events. You could change the colors to white and blue for Hanukkah, red and green for Christmas, or red and white for Canada Day. Since they do not need to be maintained much, neon pylon signs are perfect for small business owners and operators who are very busy running their company.

Pylon signs’ size and shape are also a great benefit to their versatility. They range in shape and size from large to enormous, and can span your storefront or parking lot, bathing the street in their glow at all hours of the night. Night-time drivers will certainly appreciate and remember your store. When these lucky drivers talk to their families and friends about their routes, they will mention your store.

You may find a customer in your store one day who is the friend of a friend of the wife of the driver! Word-of-mouth advertising with a pylon sign is a great way to advertise and market your store to the wider community because you can reach people you never thought you would be able to, due to their far-off location. It truly is a great side benefit to owning a pylon sign, especially on that is neon.

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