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Top Four Reasons Neon Signs Are Great for Day Owls Too

While neon signs are great for night owls, they are also incredibly beneficial to day owls and businesses during the day as well. It might seem counter-intuitive to run your neon sign during daylight hours but you will derive many benefits from doing so. Here are the top four reasons why neon signs are great for businesses with daytime operating hours.

An Essential Nostalgic Piece of Americana

The neon sign is a classic staple of the 1980s club, complete with a brick wall behind it. Not just an iconic image in the bar and comedy scene anymore, neon signs can be found anywhere and are essential for their nostalgic factor. Your customers will love entering your store and reliving precious memories, associating your stores and wares with them.

Neon signs are still very popular in, but not confined to, service industries because of their practical use and nature. Neon signs are cheap to run, last a long time, and a simple design that oozes utility and beauty in one package. When deciding on a store sign design, choose a neon sign and stand out from your competition.

Neon Signs Benefit the Visually-Impaired

Not all of your customers have perfect eyesight, but not all are blind either. Many customers, depending on their genetics and age, will have varying eyesight impediments that may impact whether or not they see your signs. With a brightly-shining neon sign, you can rest assured customers that are visually impaired can still see your sign and take advantage of your sales or in-store promotions. As well, you will be able to gain new customers that might not have otherwise shopped at your store.

Happy customers become loyal, lifelong customers. Doing everything you can to make your customers’ shopping experiences more satisfying goes a long way, and your sales will increase as a result. Even if you prefer traditional signage, having one neon sign at your storefront will allow you and your customers to reap the benefits of it.

A Great Way to Advertise and Inform

Neon signs are not just a pretty medium to advertise your business to customers. They also serve to inform them of your business before they enter your store. Usually, business owners will incorporate their logo or a related image into their neon sign, and create an iconic sign in the process.

“Vegas Vic,” for instance, the large neon sign in the shape of a cowboy outside the Pioneer Club in Las Vegas, is an iconic sign that advertises as well as informs pedestrians who see it. Even if you did not know the Pioneer Club was a casino, imagining a neon cowboy sign will remind you of Las Vegas. This is effective and informative advertising using neon signage. Your business should do likewise.

Implement this strategy with your own neon sign. If you own a bookstore, for example, you could order a neon sign in the shape of a book, closed or splayed open, and situate your company name inside it. Even if your name is not related to books, like “Donovan’s,” your customers will remember the neon book sign and instantly recall what your store sold.

Great for Low-Visibility Weather

Even during the day, weather is not always optimal. Mornings can be foggy, the humidity might affect your far-sightedness, and ice or snow can obscure signage to customers. With a neon sign, you can avoid visibility issues due to weather interference and rest assured customers can read your sign from far distances.

In addition, when your neon sign becomes well-known for its visibility in bad weather or visibility conditions, it provides free advertising as a local landmark. Before you know it, people will meet outside your store because of your sign’s visibility. This can translate into future business and sales if you share common interests with these meet-ups and individual pedestrians. Use this free advertising to your advantage and order a neon sign today.

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