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Three Ways to Design Your Pylon Signs to Stand Out

Every business needs a sign. Pamphlets, flyers, and even social media are not enough for any business anymore. You need a multi-faceted advertising campaign that is effective in several different advertising mediums and platforms. You need to diversify your approach. You need to plan advertising campaigns with strategy and tactics to hit all fronts.

Your advertising game needs to be really strong to be able to compete with local, national, and even global brands. Do not worry though! It can be done! You just need to be aware of your options, and advantages, as a small business. The process is really quite straightforward.

Many businesses have pylon signs. After all, there are clear benefits to having a pylon sign advertising your store’s location in front of your store. People can see such a sign from literally a mile away. This way, people can find your business easily if they are looking for it. Such signs serve as location markers for people just passing by, and who are considering visiting in the future. Pylon signs are affordable, especially if you pitch into a pool with businesses nearby to install one pylon sign in a place near all your stores.

However, even though such signs are very effective, many businesses have them and it can be tough to stand out. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to make your pylon sign stand out in the crowd.

3 Most Common Ways you can Stand Out with your Signage


Simply put, the tallest pylon signs usually win. This is because the tallest sign is the most visible. You can see them from the farthest distance and you can see them easily even if they are close to other signs. There is simply no disadvantage accrued from having the tallest sign in the lot. Sure, taller signs are more expensive but the visual real estate that you gain from such a sign will pay for itself.

If you can ensure that your sign is the tallest in the lot, your sign will practically pay for itself!


Space is money when it comes to business. The more area that your sign takes up results in the less area that is available to other businesses. Having a wider sign will ensure that fewer businesses install signs close to yours. This will result in an unparalleled view for potential customers and clients who will mostly see your sign.

This way, you win against the competition by not letting them become competitive in your area in the first place. Since your sign will be the only one in the area, it will be the only one that customers see.


When it comes to signage, you should really spruce it up with some color. Bright colors are essential to grabbing the attention of people looking at your signs. If your business has brand colors, use them. If not, consult an artist, or even better, a sign manufacturer, in order to find the best colors for your business signage. You can go through multiple test sketches and drawings until you find the perfect color combination!

Pylon signs are great for businesses in commercial areas. However, when most businesses have one, it pays to stand out and rise above the competition. Thanks to the personalization that you can introduce to your signs, now you can. If you live in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, or Mississauga, visit Vital Signs online at our website or in-store today to learn more.