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The Types of Customers Who Need Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are those tall structures that advertise business and products that you may have seen while driving to the mall. They are tens of feet tall and highlight the major businesses that you can find at that mall. They can be seen for hundreds of yards, if not miles. This is the reason why you should invest in a pylon sign of your own, or purchase and share one with other nearby businesses at your strip mall or business complex.

3 Types of Customers That Need and Can Benefit from Pylon Signs


Your business may be famous for your products or it may not be. There is nothing wrong with offering generic products as long as you make money and can keep your store open and your workers paid. Regardless of the products and services you provide to customers, they still need to be able to find your store. Being able to advertise your business’s location on pylon signs outside your store is a great way to inform customers where they can find you, especially if they are new to the area.

Tourists often do not have much free time in their schedules. They can only spend a limited amount of time in the area so they schedule it rigorously. If they want to shop at your store, every second counts. Advertising your business’s location on your very own pylon signs allows your customers to find you in record time.

Elderly People

Elderly people may require some help getting to your store. They may be driven by a taxi because they can no longer drive. In this case, the taxi driver will be happy to see your pylon signs so he does not get lost. Elderly people also may not have been to your store in a while, if not years. As a result, their memory may have faded. In this case, being able to see large signs is very helpful for them to remember the way to your store.

If you have products that cater to the elderly, or you just stock products they can use generally, consider purchasing and installing some today. If not, these loyal customers will go to a closer competitor.

Children and Youth

Depending on their parents, children and youth may be walking to your store unaccompanied by themselves. However, if they have never been to your store before, and even if they have, they may need some help learning and memorizing where your store is for the future. A foolproof method to show them where you are located is via bright, visible signs that are located outside your store. That way, youth can simply follow the signs to your store and purchase the goods and services they want.

Pylon signs are great for every business because they allow you to cater to every customer demographic. The more visibility your store has, the greater the likelihood that people will visit you and purchase your goods and services. This is a great solution for businesses that would like more visibility, or would like to retain their customer demographics, as well as obtain new ones.

If you are interested in locally advertising your business, good and services, all day every day, consider purchasing and installing pylon signs outside your store. You can order them from Vital Signs and have them shipped and installed in and around Concord, Brampton, Mississauga, and Southern Ontario. For more information, contact us at our website today.