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The Power of the Additional Store Sign

Every business has a basic sign that advertises their store. However, that isn’t always enough and sometimes a business requires an additional store sign to convey the various products and services that they offer. Vital Signs is dedicated to creating the perfect additional store sign for your business.

In order to demonstrate the importance of an additional store sign, we will use popular examples from everyday life. Convenience stores tend to benefit the most from an additional store sign. If you look at any convenience store, you will see various signs explaining that they have an ATM, sell tobacco, fresh produce, money transfers, printing services, and more. As a consumer walking by, you wouldn’t know that a business offers a specific service just by looking at their generic store sign. However, with the additional store sign, a business is able to tell consumers exactly what they offer and they aren’t forced to waste space writing the name of the business and other relevant details that are essential for a main store sign.

A secondary store sign is also much cheaper than a primary sign. They are often much smaller, utilize plain text on a plain background, and require minimal graphics. Due to this, they are much cheaper to design and manufacture, but they still maintain a high level of effectiveness. Never underestimate the importance of store signs, they are silent advertising machines that generate increased sales and brand recognition without the costs of traditional advertising.

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