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The Peripheral Requirements of Great Storefront Signs

Installing a new storefront sign is a great way to attract more interest in potential visitors. With a great product and a little luck, you can even grow your customer base by doing so. However, your storefront sign is not the only thing customers notice when they walk or drive by your store. Pedestrians are judging your store based on the sign, your storefront window, the exterior wall and surrounding area leading up to the parking lot, as well as the local neighborhood.

Ensuring all these areas are pristine and clear is easier to do than it sounds. Here are five ways you can make your storefront more appealing to ensure you use your storefront sign to take advantage of its maximum potential.

Your Neighborhood

When designing storefront signs, consider the other businesses in your neighborhood. There may be a neighborhood commercial “style.” All the stores may be brick, or they may have wooden colonial style signage, for example. The storefront sign you choose to install should stand out, but not do so glaringly, or else it may look out of place in your neighborhood.

Your Storefront Wall

You have probably walked or driven by small businesses that have great storefront signs, but the storefront itself just looks unkept. Your first impression would probably be that the business owner likes to cover up their problems with money, as evident by the sign, but they do not like to do much work themselves. This stereotype may not be true, but it is possible to imprint in a potential customer’s mind.

As a small business owner, you should attempt to minimize any negative impressions customers have about your business. A storefront with a nice, clean sign but a dirty wall will not make a good impression on potential customers and visitors. Prior to installing storefront signs, you should ensure your wall is clean, your sidewalk is clean, and your business looks nice.

Your Storefront Window

After your store visitors have seen your storefront signs, but before they actually enter your store, they will most likely look in your store window first to check out your business. If the interior of your store does not look well-kept or does not meet your potential customers’ expectations, they will not visit your store.

To maximize the effect storefront signs will have for your business, ensure that your store interior is clean. There are many components that create a positive image of your business and they must all be addressed, including the neatness of your store’s interior.

Your Storefront Sidewalk and Parking Lot

The sidewalk and parking lot of your small business must also be clean and look presentable to your customers. If there is garbage leading from your storefront door to their cars, your customers may think your business is not clean. Regardless of the quality of your storefront sign, potential customers may have second guesses regarding your business. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to start thinking about your competitors.

Your Business

The type of small business you run will have an effect on the type of storefront sign you design, purchase, and install. Some types of signs are better for business than others. For instance, if you run a restaurant or pub, you can purchase and install a neon storefront sign without having it look out of place. However, if you are running a consulting firm, a neon sign will look odd.

You need to evaluate the type of business you run, and the type of storefront sign that is best for you, the exterior of your store, and your neighborhood.

Every small business should install storefront signs. There are too many benefits to not do so. If you need a new storefront sign, or are interested in replacing an old one, contact us at our website today. We have installed storefront signs for many satisfied clients in Concord, Brampton, Mississauga, and Southern Ontario.