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The Most Famous Neon Signs in the World

Neon signs are flashy and they are a classic nod to the industrial era. They exist all throughout the world, but there are certain neon signs that stand out above the rest. They are works of art in their own right and they are deemed as attractions to the cities which they are found within. Here at Vital Signs we are big fans of neon signs, we believe that they are a classic form of art and that they draw in customers with their unique style.

Vegas Vic in Las Vegas

When you think of neon signs, you think of Vegas Vic. The cowboy has been watching over downtown Las Vegas since the early 1950s. Vic’s design shows that neon signs can be more than just simple letters or words. In fact, they can be large displays that are full of personality.

Schrafft’s in Boston

Schraffts was a candy and chocolate company located in Charlestown, Massachusetts. While their factory has long closed, their iconic stretched and wavy neon sign still exists to this day. It is a nod to the nostalgic turn of the century period.

Grain Belt Beer in Minneapolis

Beer and neon signs go hand in hand. This famous neon sign has existed in Minneapolis since 1941. Its condition has been degrading for some time, but it is still an interesting design and worth looking at.

The Coppertone Girl in Miami

When you think of neon signs, you may not think of sunscreen. However, the Coppertone Girl, like Vegas Vic, demonstrates that neon signs are pieces of art and that they possess personality. This sign stands as a reminder to always wear your sunscreen.
Remember, this list is subjective. If you are looking for some high quality and outstanding neon signs, Vital Signs is ready to help you design the perfect sign for your business. We offer our services to customers inTorontoMarkhamRichmond HillConcord, Thornhill, Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, the GTA, and all of Southern Ontario.