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Outdoor signs are an invaluable advertising instrument, but often, they suffer from bad design. Designers try to stuff too much content into these outdoor signs without considering target audiences or the amount of time a consumer has to read the sign when passing by. These flaws can be easily avoided by a business if they take the time to hire a company that understands the medium that they are working with. Vital Signs has been working with outdoor signs for many years and understands how to produce ones that will work.

We’ve all seen horrible outdoor signs. Law firms often suffer from this. They are so focused on trying to stuff all of their names, pictures of their staff, the specific problems they can fix, and their company contact info that they flood their outdoor signs and they become a headache to try and read. If you are driving down the highway and only have two or three seconds to read a sign, you are not interested in reading a paragraph and nor should you have to.

Properly designed outdoor signs will value simplicity. A simple graphic, a simple slogan or motto, all typed together into a very direct and targeted message. This is the key to producing effective outdoor signs. Why do you think McDonald’s outdoor signs are so successful? A huge and tasty looking burger and a simple slogan is all they use to sell their brand. Of course, they have name recognition, but they understand that simplicity is vital and so should you.

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