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A company’s store sign says a lot about a specific company’s personality. An upbeat and vibrant store sign suggests that a company is energetic, fun, and young. A bland, dull, and lifeless store sign suggests that a company either doesn’t care about advertising, knows that its product is good enough, or that the company is as lifeless as its sign. Vital Signs wants to make sure that you have a store sign that properly represents your business and its unique goals.

What kind of business do you want to be and how do you want your store sign to reflect that. There are many important questions that you should ask when you are trying to figure out what to include in your store sign. What is the function of your store sign? What type of store sign do you want to use? Should it be lit up, neon, or made of wood? What is the significance of your store sign? Will the sign try to mention anything specific to your company that will provide direct benefits? Will you be replicating the sign for external advertising away from the business?

Let’s undress these questions. Your specific sign should provide functionality for your business; it should draw the customer in and tell them what you do. A sign is significant to your business because it stands the test of time. It will always represent your business and it never takes a day off. It is important that it showcases your strengths. Your sign should benefit your business by providing a direct return on investment. Ask questions, don’t be afraid.

Vital Signs is a full-service sign company located in Toronto. We offer our services to clients in Toronto,Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and through the entire GTA. Contact us today if you have any questions about what we can do for you.