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The Importance of Maintaining Your Signs: Avoiding Common Sign Failure

As wonderful as signs are, they wear down with age, and can lead to some embarrassing situations for a business. Staying on top of sign maintenance is important, and it will help a business mitigate potential public embarrassment. Vital Signs provides sign creation and maintenance services.

Broken Down Signs

Are you using a backlit sign? What happens if the bulbs burn out? Using Blockbuster Video as an easy example, a few burnt out light bulbs could lead to a situation where your company sign reads “Bloc us Video” instead of “Blockbuster Video.” If your business offers the best glasses in town, well, you can imagine where that sign is heading in this hypothetical situation. Broken down signs are embarrassing and easily avoided. If a bulb is close to burning out, change it. If a letter has fallen down from a sign, replace it. Do not cut corners on the maintenance of your signs.

Fixing the Supports for Your Signs

Other situations are unavoidable. An angry teenager grabs a bat and smashes the supports on your signs. There is nothing you can do to prevent this, but there is a lot you can do to fix the situation. Replace the supports and ensure that your signs continue standing and advertising your business at every opportunity.

Overstuffing Your Signs

Another common failure companies make with their signs is their need to cram too much information into the sign. Consumers only have seconds to spare when engaging with your signs. Avoid writing a book, and instead, compel them with a short sentence and stimulating visuals. The famous expression too long, don’t read applies to signs and you should always follow it.

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