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The Importance of an Effective Store Sign: The Narrative

Today we are going to explore why a store sign may be the most important and cost effective method of advertising for your store and why you will want one. Vital Signs is a leading force in the creation of store signs and we are here to make the process easy for you.

Customer Interactions with Your Store Sign

A customer is wandering around in a local mall with no real goal for the day. They are willing to spend, but they have no specific products in mind. As they make their way through the mall, they notice two clothing stores. The first has a catchy store sign, it draws your attention, it entices you to enter the store, it has better overall branding, and their prices are higher than the second store. The second store has a boring sign, appears lifeless, and has the better prices.

As a consumer, your first instinct, regardless of the prices, is to enter the store with the more appealing store sign. We are drawn towards catchy imagery, this is caused purely by human nature and the ability of a store sign to engage our senses. In this narrative, the first store has already won because they succeeded in attracting the customer into their store, through the use of a store sign which made their imaging appear superior.

A well designed store sign is a vital tool for your business. It is the gatekeeper of your store. If you rely on a plain text sign, expect to see the results generated from a plain text sign. The science behind advertising is complicated, but any number of experts would tell you that your brand and imaging is greatly aided by a well-designed store sign, especially if you rely on front-line sales. Vital Signs is here to help you. We have been equipping businesses in Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and the GTA with signs for many years.