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The Four Essential Qualities of Effective Signs

Not every sign is effective. In fact, some signs generate little exposure because they do not follow the four essential components of what makes a sign effective. The four essential components are visibility, readability, noticeability, and legibility. Each one is important as it provides a specific role that dictates whether a sign is successful or not. Vital Signs stands by these four factors and we incorporate them into every one of our designs.

Visibility of Signs

This one goes without saying. If your sign is not visible, it will not be seen. Generally, for lettering, you want to add one inch for every 10 feet of viewing distance. This will allow motorists to see your sign and ensure that the message of the sign is understood. In addition, location is paramount. If you place the sign in a bad location, expect bad results. Look for wide open space with little distraction, such as, a field, or along a freeway.

Readability of Signs

Every sign has a purpose. It is important that your message is obvious. If a consumer is unable to understand what your sign is advertising, they will move on and your advertising campaign will have failed in its task. Group themes together, use supporting images, and cut to the point. You only have a few moments to capture the attention of a consumer, cut to the chase!

Noticeability of Signs

Depending on location, ensure that you use colors that help your sign standout. Contrast is key in this department. Proper choice of colors will focus the attention of consumers on your advertisement.

Legibility of Signs

In the end, font and font size are vital components of a successful sign. You must strike a balance between imagery and font. Once this balance is found, it will increase the overall legibility of your signs.

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