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The Five Most Popular Options for Store Signs

Finding the right store sign for your business can be challenging. Luckily, Vital Signs has you covered and has compiled a list of the five most popular store signs. With our brief guide, you will develop a basic understanding of what makes store signs.

Outdoor Store Signs

This store sign is standard and seen almost anywhere. It can be the banner for a business or it can be a simple chalkboard sign displaying specials and other vital information. Depending on your application, this store sign can be a workhorse for your business and provide you a huge return on investment by drawing customers inside of your store or company.

Informational Store Signs

As the name suggests, informational signage is used to direct customers to certain places. For example, it could be a basic legend of your store, arrows pointing to departments or promotions, or an explanation of various company information. These signs are used to control the flow of traffic in your business and are best used as an organizational tool.

Persuasive Store Signs

Have you ever noticed the giant red “SALE” sign? This is promotional advertisement and the goal of these types of signs is to create an anchor and to convince the customer that they are getting a great deal. They are bright, flashy, and convincing.

Accessibility Store Sign

Most places in Canada require accessibility for individuals with impairments. Accessibility signs direct customers to handicap parking spaces, ramps, and other tools that are designed to ease their shopping experience.

Floor Store Signs

This one may seem odd, but a simple floor mat store sign can be effective and cheap. Bombard your customer with subtle reminders of your business. Always keep them thinking about your products and services and you will begin to develop loyal and lifelong customers.

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