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The Benefits of Effective Sign Design

Sign design is as its name suggests, the process of designing a sign, the research into a specific industry, and the overall completion of the project. Sign design is an essential part of the advertising process and effective sign creation provides a business with a wide variety of benefits that will help them grow their brand, generate additional sales, and lockdown impulse buyers. Vital Signs provides signage solutions to all of its clients and we work hard to help them understand the sign design process.

The beginning of any business venture is rooted in a company’s brand. A brand is the identity that a company wants to assume in a retail setting. Building the brand will help customers recognize your business and will turn them into loyal, long-term buyers. All companies should market their products for the long-term, rather than short-term. Sign design is employed in such a way that it will incorporate your brand and help grow it by attracting new customers and maintaining your current ones.

Strong brands like Coca Cola, Nike, and Apple have millions of devoted customers who buy the brands on recognition alone and many new customers will try them out based on the dominance of their names. Sign design is an early step that all companies must take if they want to grow their brands, and even the biggest brands in the world rely on signage to help them promote their businesses. Signage offers an easy avenue for building your brand. Company signs contain typical branding like logos, slogans, and trademarked images. By employing your branding elements, you will help your customers associate your brand with specific traits and they will remember you when shopping for your products.

What about impulse sales? This is a massive market and one of the most profitable if you know how to tap into it. McDonald’s understands the importance of sign design when it comes to impulse buying. When a hungry consumer is driving down the highway and they spot a McDonald’s sign, they will quickly begin craving their food and will more than likely stop at the nearest McDonald’s, which is more than likely located at the next stop. Of course, this is not a coincidence and something that the company uses to their advantage. In the restaurant industry, hungry consumers are more likely to purchase food and impulse buyers are the most likely to spend their money when compared to more passive buyers. By catering to impulse buyers through your sign design, you will greatly increase your sales. Do not miss out on this market as it is one of the most important ones.

Sign design is used to strike a balance and to properly market to your consumers. Overbearing sign design will scare away new customers. Designing signs that are appealing will help you grow your brand, attract new customers, and secure impulse buyers. What is overbearing sign design? Typically, this involves signs that are poorly optimized for the retail environment. This could include poor color choices, bad font color and size, text stuffing, and using a sign that is too small. All of these factors will diminish the value of your advertising efforts and hurt your brand awareness by antagonizing consumers in the marketplace, something that no company wants to do.

Vital Signs provides high quality sign design services and we are dedicated to helping our clients understand the entire process. We provide signage solutions to customers in Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and throughout the entire GTA. If you have any questions about our company, services, or our processes, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.