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Stand out from Your Competition with Pylon Signs

One of the main ways you can get a person’s attention without having to establish a relationship with them first is to place a sign outside your shop. However, regardless of the size or location of your business, it is very likely you are also competing against other local businesses for customers. Simply hanging a sign on your store’s exterior wall will not do enough to garner visitors’ attention. You need to place your signs as close to the customer as possible, and as far from your competition as possible.

Pylon signs are a great way to isolate potential customers’ attention and capitalize on it without letting them get distracted by your competition, no matter if your business is located in a strip mall, business district, or on the corner of a busy commercial street.

Here are the top two reasons why this strategy is sure to increase your sales potential literally overnight.

Out-Price Your Competition with a Pylon Sign

Like anything worth its weight in gold, there is a price barrier for businesses interested in erecting a pylon sign on their property. In addition, even if a business owner can afford one, or even multiple pylon signs, they may believe it to be a bad investment. After all, with the money required to erect a pylon sign, a business owner could put it to other uses, like paying off their debts, expanding and renovating their business a little, or promoting a new product line.

With a pylon sign, you can rest assured that few other business owners will be competing with you for the customers’ attention. As the first business the customer is aware of when visiting your store’s proximity, your pylon signs will out-compete your competition, and your business will out-sell theirs as well.

It does not matter if every business on the block has signage outside if your business is the first the customer takes notice of. From that moment forward, your business is all that matters to the customer.

Distance Matters but Information Matters More

If you are like most business owners, you are sharing a commercial space with several other owners. You may be working in a mall, strip mall, or business district but one thing is certain: There is a glut of competing businesses near you who are also competing directly with you for the customers’ attention. Simply out-pricing your competition is fine if you want to erect a pylon sign, but using pylon signs effectively is paramount when trying to gain customers’ attention.

Your signs must be clear and informative, telling your customers exactly what they need to know regarding the goods and services you offer within a few seconds. After all, most potential customers will be driving by your signs. You need to attract and maintain their attention without making them distracted.

A clear and informative sign will have limited colors, designs, and information. Your signs do not need to be fancy to be effective. Effective pylon signs usually only show a business’s name, logo, a few key goods and services they offer, and some form of contact information like a website, telephone number, or operating hours. While exceptions exist to these rules, unless your business is unique or there is a good reason to do so, you should not deviate from what has worked in the past.

If you are interested in increasing your sales potential and customer popularity, you should consider installing some pylon signs today. Watch your business grow and your competitors’ shrink by out-competing them with effective physical advertising. Vital Signs has sold pylon signs to satisfied clients in Toronto, Mississauga, Newmarket, Vaughan, and Markham and across the GTA. Please visit us at our website to learn more, or to place an order.