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Signage Plays a Key Role in the Success of a Business

As a popular song stated many years ago “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.”  This could not be truer in today’s competitive market place.  Although the song may not have been referring to business signage and advertising, the message today is the same – there are, in fact, signs everywhere.  Signs work hard to tell potential clients where you are, who you are, about your products and even your professionalism.  A well-designed, well-placed sign will say a lot about your business to the average consumer, letting them know that you are serious about your business through the signage you choose.

Vital Signs is a signage company that can provide your business with signage that will meet all your advertising needs in a very cost-effective way.  Our durable signage comes in many different forms, including outdoor, neon and commercial signage.  Our knowledgeable team of designers will work with you to assess your signage needs and create the perfect sign that will not only advertise for your business, but increase familiarity and begin to build brand awareness with expertly designed logos and wording.  Signage effectiveness for a business can never be underestimated, especially in today’s competitive market.  If there are five businesses selling the same product, it makes sense that one with professional, effective signage will get the sale.  Signagecreated with an eye to increase sales and influence purchases will often be remembered by consumers and it is known that people prefer to buy from known businesses.  Familiarity and brand awareness are two ways thatsignage will work for your business.

Vital Signs has been serving our valued customers in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario for over 20 years.  Our commitment to quality, service and value is second to none and we prioritize our clients’ needs to ensure their full satisfaction.  We manage the entire life cycle of your sign project, from design, through obtaining city permits to construction and installation.