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Signage Is the Key to a Great Shopping Experience

The first impression new customers get of your store, beyond seeing your online profile or website, is the signage. Imperfect or damaged signage can instantly ruin their shopping experience, and can lose you a loyal customer. This is why it is important to make sure your signage looks great all year round, no matter what you sell.

A loyal customer can have great financial implications for your business. Even if you own a dollar store, for instance, a loyal customer that purchases multiple items several days of the week can be a better asset than a customer that comes in once or twice a month on the way back home from Walmart. This is why a great shopping experience matters, and why your signage is very important.

Your Signage Informs Customers

After looking at your signage for a few seconds, customers and visitors should be able to understand your business and what goods and services you are offering. If they cannot do this, you need to update your signage. You may need to move your signs to a more visible location so customers with poor eyesight can see them. You may need to add additional information to your signage like a better and more informative slogan or logo. You may need to add a website so customers can research your business more thoroughly and visit in the future. Therefore, the first step to creating great signage is to make sure it is informative and educational for your in-store visitors and customers.

Maintain Your Signage’s Appearance

An informative sign that tells your customers what they need to know about your business is an important first step, but it is not the last one. Your signage can be very informative but, if it looks bad, your customers may not think you value your business, or them, enough to care. If your signs are looking old and the paint is peeling, or there is structural damage like worn edges and patched holes, you should consider replacing your signage. Your signage is a customer’s first impression of your business. If it looks shoddy, they will feel your business is the same and you may lose sales to your competitors.

Update Your Look Every Few Years

Your signage may look great but, if it is not timeless, it will look outdated and boring after a few years. Updating your signage will grab your customers’ attention as they see the changes you have made to modernize your business. This can be a simple design change like a new border, or an updated logo, or even new colors that are in fashion now. There is no right way or wrong way to update and modernize your signage, but it is an important step to ensure your customers continue to enjoy their shopping experience with you.

Network with Great Signage

After owning and operating a business, you tend to view the customer experience differently than before. You are more aware of the passion each owner infuses in their business, and the difficulties of each and every challenge they undertake, because you have experienced them as well. Signage is no different. When you update your signage and show customers just how much you care for them, your business allies and competitors take notice as well.

Even if you are not in competition with another local business, they too will follow your lead and update their store’s appearance. One by one, each business makes their locality more beautiful and appealing to customers to shop at, increasing everyone’s potential for sales. It all starts with signage.

Vital Signs can help you with your commercial signage. If you want to renovate or replace your signage, please visit us today at our website. We have helped many businesses in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and Markham, improve their customers’ experience with updated signage.