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Signage Is the First Impression Customers Have

You have probably been in this situation before: You are running late today and you are rushing to work. As you run past busy streets, you know you cannot shop and do your errands right now, but you make a mental note of which stores are where, so you can return to them later. After you have finished work, you return to the stores you saw earlier.

This is the main advantage signage offers small businesses. The ability to be remembered is the reason why stores are still in business. After all, if they were not memorable, customers would shop elsewhere.

Here are the top three ways you can make your signage memorable.

Keep it Simple

Too many storefront signs are cluttered. When you are fighting for attention with other competitors, the last thing you need is to fight against yourself. The best signs that obtain and keep customers’ attentions are those that are crisp, clean, and free of clutter. White space is not a bad thing. It is ok to not fill in every square inch of your signage.

You do not need to include all the information you have about your store in your signage because the goals is to entice customers into your store, not to sell them your sign. Add your company’s name, operating hours, contact information, and a logo that informs customers of the types of products and services you offer. That’s all you need. It may seem pretty sparse, but it is more effective than cramming every piece of information you have onto your signs.

Use a Balanced Color Combination

The first thing people are attracted to when they look at your signage is the way it looks. If your signage is aesthetically pleasing, customers will like to look at it, and will move closer until they can read the text on it. If not, they will avert their attention to something else.

When designing your signage, use pleasing color combinations like black and white, blue and orange, or red and black. You should not feel you are limited to these three combinations. You can choose other color combinations and can choose more than two colors. However, these three color combinations are stated here because they are incredibly popular options that many store owners choose to use.

You need to think about the power of visual marketing and advertising when you design your signage. Draw several drafts of your intended signage before you order it to ensure your signage is not only informative, but looks nice as well.

Include Modern Technology

New technology may change all the time, but that does not mean you should ignore it. It is true that fads change, but they may take years or decades to do so. Therefore, you should remain aware of the current technological trends and incorporate them into your business to increase your revenue streams.

Include a website URL, and social media icons on your store signage. You might also want to include a QR code on your signs that, when scanned, will redirect customers’ browsers to your website. This is a great way for you to reach out to your clients, and for them to remember you, your signage, and your business. They can even use QR codes while driving past your store, or if they are walking on the far side of the street. You no longer have to rely on customers walking closely past your store to take notice of you.

If you are considering purchasing signage and want to make it memorable, contact Vital Signs today. We have helped clients in and across Thornhill and Richmond Hill to design and install the perfect and memorable signage. For more information, please contact us at our website.