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Sign Industry Statistics: Out of Home Advertising

We often see unique signs as we drive down a major highway. They are displayed on billboards and feature memorable slogans or images. These big companies trust sign companies like Vital Signs to provide them with all of their OOH advertising.

What is Out of Home Advertising?

They are advertisements, often in the form of signage, that are displayed all over a city in an effort to promote a specific company or a campaign. Large corporations trust sign companies to craft their image. A popular example of OOH advertising are the McDonald’s billboards that are visible in any major North American city.

Why Use Out of Home Advertising?

OOH advertising catches a consumer’s attention when they are on the go. When you are hungry, you may spot a billboard that is advertising a fast food company or a new electronic product. The images compel you to make a purchase through the influence that you feel from the ad. This is a basic marketing strategy, but it is very effective at generating sales. It plays on the feelings of a consumer. For example, after a long drive on the high way you consider taking a break to grab some food. As you approach a service station you see a restaurant ad on the billboard that is featured at the next service station. You become hungry and are more likely to visit that specific restaurant due to the influence of the display. Reputable sign companies know how to tap into the emotions of a consumer.

Biggest Spenders

In 2013, the top OOH advertising campaigns belonged to McDonald’s Corp, Comcast Corp, Apple Computer Inc., Time Warner Inc., and Verizon Communications Inc. Large corporations rely on this method because it is successful and highly influential on a consumer’s decision making process. It is also far cheaper than purchasing and producing radio and television ads.

Vital Signs has worked with large businesses in the OOH advertising sector. Our projects have included displays for company names, billboards, vehicle decals, temporary, and neon signs. We know the industry well, we are a dedicated sign company, and we have provided OOH advertising for over two decades.

Vital Signs provides businesses in Toronto, the GTA, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Thornhill,Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, and all of Southern Ontario with a wide range of sign solutions.