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Sign Design Solutions to Improve Your Business Appearance

We cannot all be Jacks-of-all-Trades. You may be a great small business owner but, for some things like sign design, it may be better to leave that to the professionals. When you hire a professional sign designer, you know that your signs will be perfect, every time.

Here are the top five solutions to problematic sign design, which will improve your business’s reputation online, and in your local community.

Reduce Sign Design Clutter

Many store and small business owners often clutter up their signage with too much information. This can cause information overload with customers and visitors that read your signs, if they have the ability to at all. Most potential customers and visitors will be driving by your store and cannot take the time to read everything you have posted. Others may not want to read a messy sign. De-clutter your signs with a simplistic or minimalistic sign design for easier access to customer demographics.

Use Complementary Color Schemes

The best color schemes to use are those that compliment each other. One popular example is black and white. Many businesses use this combination of color hues to create simplistic, yet elegant, themes for their branding, which includes their sign design.

Although you do not have to use black and white for your own business, you should consider using complementary color schemes when designing your signs. By contrast, using jarring colors together, like blue and pink for instance, will distract and annoy customers that are just trying to read your signage.

Use Larger and Simpler Lettering

Many store owners believe that cursive or other fancy lettering will make their business seem posh or sophisticated. While it will, it will also make their sign design more confusing. Less and less customers are learning cursive in schools and will therefore run into difficulty when reading such signage. If a customer has to take a long time to read your sign, it is too complex. Instead, use a font style that is easier to read. Your customers will appreciate it.

In addition, larger lettering is better, no matter the font. If your signage font is too small, your customers and interested visitors may not be able to read it, especially if they have eye problems or are looking at your signage from a distance. It is far more important to your business’s livelihood that it is known for its accessibility than its perceived poise.

Leaving Blank Space Is OK

Although you may want to use every bit of available space on your signage, your sign design will benefit if there are at least a few unused spaces on it. After all, not everything has to be filled in. This makes for a clearer, more understandable sign.

It is therefore vital that you only include necessary information. While images can be beneficial, the only relevant image on your store signs should be a logo. When it comes to sign design, less is more. Not doing so may confuse your customers and visitors, and they may go to a competitor instead as a result.

Your Sign Design Should Reflect Your Business

Although there is no perfect formula for the perfect sign, your sign design should be indicative of your business. Customers should be able to take one glance at your sign and know exactly what goods or services you are offering. If they cannot, you should renovate your sign.

A computer repair company, for instance, might have a sign shaped like a stick of RAM and a screwdriver, while a stationary store might have a sign in the shape of a notation pad. Your design is relative to your business.

Vital Signs provides small business owners in Markham and Newmarket with new and improved sign design. If you are considering updating your sign design, please contact us today at our website.