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Sign Company in Toronto, Ontario and the Surrounding GTA

Vital Signs is the sign company of choice in Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding GTA.  Our specialty is helping you promote your products and services while building brand awareness through the design and manufacturing of your company sign. Vital Signs has been servicing Toronto, Ontario and the GTA for over 20 years.
One of the most important purposes of any sign company is to brand your business. Your company signrepresents your business and is a key factor in getting you noticed by prospective clients. A company sign is like a business card. It is the first thing people see and identify you with. The ideal scenario is to stand out enough to get noticed and hopefully leave a lasting impression. Leaving a lasting impression means yourcompany sign simply put, is appealing. We live in a business environment where a company has seconds, less than a minute to make a first impression so it better be a good one.
For example, if a picture was taken of a commercial building in downtown Toronto, we wouldn’t notice the building itself we would notice all the different company signs. The different types of colors and sizes would be the first thing to catch our eye. Vital Signs and most professional sign companies in Toronto and the GTA know the different techniques to draw people in through the use of signage.

At Vital Signs we offer a 2 year guarantee on all workmanship and materials. We place our customer’s needs first. That is why at Vital Signs we are proud that more than 70% of our clients are repeat business and most of our advertising is word of mouth.