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Sign Boxes – Vital Signs: Providing high quality signage in Toronto and the GTA

At Vital Signs we offer a variety of signs for you to choose from. Only a business owner can decide what type of sign is best suited for their industry, what sign would enhance their business as well as what type of sign would attract more clients.

Sign boxes are very popular among our clients. Vital Signs offers sign boxes in a variety of sizes.

Variety of Sign Boxes

  • Illuminated sign boxes
  • Non-illuminated sign boxes
  • Interior sign boxes
  • Exterior sign boxes

Yes, we all want an attractive sign box to represent our business, this is obvious. What people must bear in mind when purchasing sign boxes is the significance of what kind of impact sign boxes have on the public. A well designed sign box can make all the difference in your business world. To be blunt, sign boxes can make or break a business.

Sign boxes that are well designed, fresh and modern speak volumes about a business before anyone walks in to the establishment. If anything from a street view, a well designed sign box can draw in potential clients.

For those who would prefer to avoid a large capital outlay for the purchase of a sign box, Vital Signs offers the option to lease because the appeal of a leasing package is catching on. We feel that a large capital outlay for the purchase of a sign box could deter some businesses from purchasing the sign box of their dreams. We don’t want this to be a factor because people don’t buy sign boxes as often as they lease a car. Vital Signs is always on the edge of new products and technology. With our knowledgeable design staff we are able to provide our clients with fresh new ideas and help them achieve the ultimate in branding. So it only makes sense to take your time and consult with our design staff before making your decision.

Sign boxes are a business investment and we want to help make your investment as viable and worth while as possible.

From design to manufacture to installation, we are truly a one stop shop. With 20 years of experience we adhere to the highest standards in the industry. This is what sets us apart from the competition.