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Sandwich Board Signs: The next Great Advertising Advantage

You probably know of sandwich board signs from the local pub or restaurant, where daily specials are posted on them to increase public interest in dining there. Sandwich board signs are also featured prominently in the media, as well as gracing the sidewalks of many diverse businesses, from car dealerships to theaters to sporting arenas.

However, every business can find some use for sandwich board signs. Here are the top four benefits sandwich board signs have for small businesses.

Sandwich Board Signs are Portable

Very few store signs are truly portable. Sure, you could take down your storefront signs, but you may need special tools in order to do so because they are fastened to the wall or store exterior. A sign that you can place anywhere at any time, however, is a valuable asset for any business, since day-to-day conditions can change by the minute.

For instance, a shoe store owner purchases a sandwich board sign. He or she advertises a new shoe he or she is selling on the sandwich board sign. Since the store owner has purchased a sandwich board sign that has a chalkboard on it, once the sale ends, he or she can simply erase information regarding this now-sold out shoe and replace it with information regarding another shoe sale or promotion.

Easy to Capture the Public’s Attention

The reason why so many typical store signs are large and loud is because there are so many of them. All these signs are competing for the same prominence on the same street. Potential customers and clients who walk past these stores cannot help but avert their attention elsewhere, or else they will be staring at signs all day.

With sandwich board signs, you can monopolize customers’ attentions where they are not focused on other businesses: the sidewalk in front of your store. A single simple sandwich board sign can do wonders for brand recognition and awareness, especially since stores that use them are few and far between. With a winning advertising and marketing solution like this, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of it.

An Incredibly Durable Signage

When you purchase signs for your store, you sometimes have to purchase multiple ones, especially if you want to put some inside and outside your store. One main reason why is because not every form of sign is durable enough to withstand the elements. This means you will have to spend more money than you originally thought when you decided to purchase signs. However, with sandwich board signs, you can actually save some money.

Can Be Stored Away for Future Use

Most signs store owners install inside and outside their stores are meant to be permanent fixtures. From the neon beverage sign hanging on the wall in the neighborhood pub, to the massive sign hanging over your storefront window, signs are often installed with the understanding they are permanently fixed in place. Sandwich board signs, however, are meant to be versatile.

When it comes to signs, versatility includes the ability to store your signs for future use. You may only want to use a sandwich board sign during the summer, when it is warm outside. You are trying to take advantage of the increased foot traffic outside your store, and better weather means your signage will last longer. Unlike most other signs, you can simply carry your sandwich board inside once the summer ends, and store it until next summer. This versatility is a major advantage when it comes to reducing unnecessary expenses for you and your business.

If you are interested in purchasing one, or several, sandwich board signs for your small business, consider contacting Vital Signs today. We have helped clients in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and throughout the GTA find the perfect signage for their business. For more information, or to place an order, please contact us at our website.