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Renovate Your Signage for Spring

Winter is almost over and you will most likely experience a sales increase as the winter sales slump ends. This slump may be due to increased foot traffic in your store or small business, or it may be due to the type of inventory you stock. Regardless, a literal change of face for your small business, by changing your signage, will appeal to your customer base and new visitors. With a simple signage upgrade or change, you will stand out from your competition by appearing fresh and exciting.

Here are the top four benefits signage will have on your small business or store this spring.

Involve Your Business in the Latest Trends

Trends can change quickly and you may want to grab onto the latest one. If a certain hashtag, for instance, is trending strong and will be trending for a while, for instance in the case of politics, you might consider adding it to your signage. Customers who understand or who are part of the trend you choose to join will pay more attention to your business. You will also seem more “in-touch” with your customers than your competition, many of which may not have updated their signage. This works especially well if you are trying to attract a younger audience that follows a certain trend.

Match Your Updated Profile

Businesses change all the time. Whether you change your hours of operation, location, add a new location or franchise, or add new inventory, your sign should reflect that. For instance, if you include the location of a new franchise or location on your sign, customers that live nearer to that location will be appreciative and shop there instead. That way, you do not lose a customer and they can shop more at your business because they live nearer to one of your locations.

If your signage is not updated when it needs to be, and customers and visitors learn of this, they may think you are not invested in your business or care about it. This is one way you could lose customers to your competition. Although the reality may be different, appearance matters in business.

Embrace the Cultural Ethos to Reach Younger Customers

Your signage style does not have to be traditional. Even if you run an antique selling business, you can always appeal to unconventional audiences and customer demographics. In this case, an unconventional audience would be teenagers and youth. Using non-traditional signage styles, like graffiti or murals, you can, as aforementioned, appear as more appealing to younger audiences.

This strategy will help you stand out from your competition, most of whom will not have or capitalize on this idea. If you do, you will appear innovative and original, which appeals to customers. They are always looking for the next, best thing.

Expand Beyond Your Signage

The borders of your signage do not have to end where your storefront begins. You can extend beyond it. If you can blend your signage into the look and design of your storefront, you will be able to create an effective and individual style that improves your business’s local and online reputation.

Expanding your signage with the wall also offers new opportunities to change up your style as well. If you love your signage, you can always change your storefront’s style and design with a new coat of paint, rather than affect your sign. The possibilities are limitless.

If you need signage for your store, contact Vital Signs today. We have helped countless business owners in Thornhill and Richmond Hill increase their signage size to attract more customers in an ever-increasing marketplace. To place an order or to access more information, please visit our website.