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Pylon Signs are Great for Business

Companies exist to sell merchandise. As a company owner, you need to sell as many products and as many services as you can, every day that your store is open for business. There are many aids and tools which business owners use to sell increasing amounts of goods.

Some of these tools, like holiday-themed sales and discounts, storefront sales displays, and customer rewards pricing, are well known. Other tools include signage, which you can use to increase customer awareness in your store. Signage is often overlooked because it is taken for granted. In the minds of many store owners, signs exist to notify customers that a store exists. However, signs can do more than that.

Great signage can help you sell more merchandise. Signs not only notify customers that a store exists. Signs provide an indication that a store is good, depending on how the sign looks. A great sign can attract more customers to your store.

What Customers Value

Customers value a good deal when they see it. They want to know they can purchase the goods and services they want, and at the price they want. Customers also want to feel relaxed, as they look at different products on the shelves that they did not initially anticipate buying. Stores that can provide customers with this experience will sell more and make more revenues.

The purpose of signage in this context is to provide prospective customers with the notion that they can receive this shopping experience in your store. A clean, neat, and stylish sign can create a sense of trust and belonging in the customer.

Use Pylon Signs to Advertise Your Worth

You can have the greatest store in the world with the most loyal clientele. However, you still need to advertise your store to new customers. If your store is based on a niche, like a candy store, you risk your customer base growing up and moving to new businesses. Constantly seeking out and gaining new customers is a great way to increase your business’s profitability over time.

Pylon signs can be installed right outside your store. Seen, sometimes, from miles away, these signs will advertise effectively to anyone who is driving or walking past your store. In some instances, like if your store is on a hill or in a valley, your sign can become part of the landscape, meaning that more people will see it.

What Makes Pylon Signs Special?

The first and main advantage a pylon sign has is its size. These signs are huge, and it is possible that a pylon sign can be larger than the business it is advertising!

Second, such signs are custom-made, and can be manufactured to resemble traditional signs or custom shapes. You could install a sign that looks like a product, your store mascot, or even just a random shape. Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Third, you can choose the colors, the lettering, whether your signage includes LED lighting, the size, the shape, and more. You have the opportunity to create and install a truly-unique sign in front of your store that no other business will have!

Vital Signs has helped countless store owners and operators in and around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, and Mississauga, create and install pylon signs. If you want a sign that is large, attention-grabbing, and most importantly effective, contact us at our website today to learn more.