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Pylon Signs are a Rural Business’s Secret Advertising and Marketing Weapon

Not every small business is located on a city street. Many are located in rural areas, often near highway or freeway exits. Store owners who may not own prime real estate can still take advantage of their locations with pylon signs.

Local tourists and visitors driving around will need to locate your store, even if it is just off the highway. Pylon signs are great for gaining local recognition, especially if your customers and visitors are driving to see you and your business. Pylon signs stand tall against the landscape, and, if the conditions are right, can be seen for many hundreds of meters. There is no better way for customers to learn about your location, especially if they have not calibrated their GPS units.

Here are the top three tips to make your pylon signs as effective as possible.

Stand out from Your Environment

Your pylon sign needs to stand out. It needs to be seen, specifically from a distance, or else it will not be effective at increasing your customer base. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the place you are going to install your pylon sign, as well as its surrounding environment, when you are designing it.

A green-colored pylon sign may work well in the city, but it will not be effective if placed in rural areas where there are lots of trees. Even if your pylon sign and small business are located off the highway, potential customers may not see it. As such, you may need to choose colors that are not as prominent in nature, in order for your sign to be seen. Having a purple sign will definitely stand out against forest green.

You should, however, either avoid dark colors or use glow in the dark colors, so your sign can be seen during the night time. Otherwise, potential customers may not see your signs and you can lose sales revenue as a result.

Consider the Climate

Depending on the extravagance of the signage you choose, pylon signs can be a costly endeavour. Therefore, you should put a lot of thought and effort into your designs when creating your pylon signs. Considering the weather conditions your pylon sign will have to withstand is a very important thing you need to do when designing your signs.

If, for instance, you work in an area where tornadoes occur, however infrequently, you should install your signage far enough away from your business so that, in the event the sign topples over, it will not hit your business.

Less is More

Although your pylon sign should stand out, be careful not to clutter it or makes its design too complicated. Too much activity on your sign can confuse customers or distract them. It is likely that any potential customers that see your sign will be doing so while they are driving by. Distracting your customers is never a good idea, especially if doing so can risk their safety. Within a few seconds, your pylon sign needs to inform them of your business. If they cannot understand it, they will drive past your business and go to a competitor.

Only include essential information on your pylon sign. Such information includes, but is not limited to, your business’s name, contact information, and location. You want your customers to be informed so they will visit you, but you do not want to distract them with unnecessary details. Distracted driving is dangerous driving.

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