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Protect Your Storefront From the Elements with Awnings and Canopies

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, we cover it all with premium awnings and canopies, each unique in their fitting and installation to ensure your storefront is kept in pristine condition year-round. Saving your storefront from elemental damage can be greatly beneficial to endearing your business to potential customers. If your storefront continues to look nice year-round, customers will know you appreciate your business as much as they do and they will continue to shop with you.


Winter weather can be harsh. Most days, it will be mild, with little snow or wind. Sometimes it will even be warm enough to continue walking around in a T-shirt and shorts if you do not mind a slight chill. However, at other times, the winter can be unforgiving.

Wind chills can freeze and snow banks can rise. Add in the occasional hailstorm and you have a storefront at risk for succumbing to the elements. Snow can turn into ice or water, leading to cracked sidewalks, which pose a threat to customers walking by. Hail can crack your windows and falling hard snow can slightly scratch them too.

You need to protect your storefront from these and other hard winter conditions. Awnings and canopies will keep falling snow and ice from touching your storefront, as well as making it easier for you to clean your storefront.

Spring Canopy and Awnings

Before spring turns to summer, snow turns to water. If left lying around outside, a pile-up of snow can damage your storefront. Without an awning or canopy to protect your storefront’s walls, the rain can damage the paint over time. The less money you have to spend on preventable renovations, the better.

If you want to stop the rain and water from seeping into your exterior walls and damaging your storefront’s aesthetic look, invest in some awnings and canopies and see the results for yourself.


Most small and medium business owners believe that the best season for pleasant weather is the summer. However, without some shade, the sun can bleach your storefront and whiten it. If your storefront is white, this is not a problem. However, for many business owners that paint their storefront, a bleached storefront will look unsightly and they will have to pay for a paint job that they could have prevented.

Awnings and canopies are great solutions to ensure your storefront is shaded during the hot weather and that your storefront is not being damaged by direct sunlight.

Fall Awnings

While the spring usually sees a lot of rain due to the rampantly changing weather conditions, the fall does not see as much. However, the fall does see some rain as the summer turns to winter. Therefore, for the same reason you should use awnings and canopies to protect your storefront during the spring, you should also consider purchasing them if you are concerned about fall weather as well.

Awnings and canopies can be used year-round, providing you with 365 days of comfort and protection from harsh weather conditions. You will not regret making this valuable investment in the livelihood and vitality of your business

The best reaction is a good prevention. Do not wait until it is too late to protect your storefront from the harsh weather conditions in Richmond Hill, Concord & Toronto, Ontario. Purchase and install awnings and canopies today to ensure your storefront looks nice year-round. If you want to test this preventative strategy before implementing it over your entire storefront, you can always purchase a single canopy or awning as well. For more information, or to place an order with Vital Signs, visit us at our website today.