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Protect Your Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are vulnerable to many factors. Most notably, weather. However, you must also factor in vandalism, and competition. It is essential that you protect your outdoor signs from all of these conditions, otherwise, your sign will degrade, be destroyed, or blocked. Vital Signs understands the sign industry because we have been a major player in it for many years. Our staff will help you optimize your outdoor signs so that you can derive a significant return on investment.

As previously stated, weather is one of the biggest detriments to outdoor signs. Wooden signs are often ravaged by rain. This can be deterred through the application of thick wood, sealer, and other weather proofing techniques. Regardless, weather is something that you must live with when you decide to invest in outdoor signs. It is unpredictable, but with the proper finishing techniques, you can increase the overall longevity of a sign and ensure that it survives the advertisement cycle.

Outdoor signs frequently suffer from vandalism. Preventing vandalism is tough. If your sign is low to the ground, it is susceptible to vandalism. In order to protect your outdoor signs from vandalism you need to research the area you plan to place it in. If you place it in a dangerous neighborhood with a history for graffiti, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Outdoor signs placed along major highways are often avoided as they are remote. This is an advantage. However, if you want to place your outdoor signs in a risky area, increase the height of the sign. This will deter vandalism as it will increase the overall risk factor by increasing the level of effort required to complete the act of vandalism.

Vital Signs strives to produce high quality outdoor signs that are resistant to the effects of weather and vandalism. While this is not always easy, we work with all of our clients in order to achieve this. We offer various signage solutions to customers throughout Toronto, Concord, Brampton, and the GTA.