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Pictorial Signs Are Easy to Remember

Some of the most iconic signs are pictorial. Companies like Apple, Ford, and Microsoft can be identified solely by their logos. The McDonald’s symbol, the Golden Arches, is immediately recognizable the world over. There is a simple reason for this: Pictures and images help consumers remember your business. This advantage of pictorial signs is especially helpful if your industry is oversaturated and competition is fierce.

When you use pictorial signs, customers that pass by your business, whether they are walking or driving, will immediately know the typical goods and services offered by your business. They will therefore be more likely to contact you if they are interested in doing business with you. Signs with text reduce this chance because not all potential customers have the ability to read everything in one moment, especially if they are driving past your store.

Here are these top five benefits pictorial signs will have for your business.

National and International Outreach

Pictorial signs reduce the difficulty of expanding your business nationally and internationally. Language barriers matter less, if at all, if a potential customer can take one look at your store signage and accurately determine your business model. For instance, if you run a plumbing company, a pictorial sign that will aid in customer comprehension would be an anthropomorphic faucet.

Even in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic cities like Toronto, where different languages are commonplace in different neighborhoods, you will be able to attract new customers from ethnic demographics that you may not have thought possible before, due to prior difficulties in conversing with your customers.

Pictorial Signage Is Great for Franchises

Depending on the franchise model, you may either independently own a branch of a business, or you may be working for your franchise headquarters. Regardless of the model you choose, especially if you own multiple franchises, pictorial signs ease the burden of designing signage for multiple locations. If customers can identify your business by its signage, they are more likely to visit other franchises, especially if your business reputation rests on the quality of goods or services you provide to your customers.

Grab Customer’s Attention Regardless of Your Store Location

Not all business owners can rent ideal locations for their business. You may not be able to afford storefront space, especially if you operate a business in a strip mall or on a busy street. You therefore need some way to attract the attention of potential customers as they pass by.

Pictorial signs can help you standout when you are vying for customers’ attentions, as each customer has to decide whether they should visit your store or those of your competitors. Hang a pictorial sign outside your business and customers will learn about your business and the value you bring them as they pass by.

Reduce the Potential for Signage Changes or Mistakes

It is far easier to design signs for your business that have little-to-no text on them. Pictorial signs are also easier to reproduce and, if certain facts about your business, like operating hours or location, change, there is no need to change your current signage or order a new one. If you are interested in a signage solution that reduces the potential for changes or mistakes, saving you money in the long run, consider purchasing some pictorial signs today.

Show, Don’t Tell with Pictorial Signs

In order to stand out against fierce competition in the free market, you need to innovate and provide your customers with easier access to your business, and the goods and services you offer. Using pictorial signs is a great tactic to achieve this strategy.

Pictorial signs provide easier national and international outreach for your business, they are easier for customers to remember, and they are great for franchises to use and identify with as one brand. They also grab customers’ attention more easily and reduce the need to replace your signage if features of your business change, like your operating hours or locations.

Vital Signs can design, manufacture, and install pictorial signs that fit your business model and goals. If you want to increase your public profile and increase sales, consider purchasing a pictorial sign today. We have helped business owners in Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga, and across Ontario craft signage that complements their business. Visit us today at our website for more information, or to place an order.