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Outdoor Signs are Surprisingly Effective

Signs are everywhere, but in many cases, outdoor signs are the most effective type of sign a company can invest in. In fact, outdoor signs attract around 50 percent of a start-ups new customers, in comparison to 33 percent from word of mouth, 9 percent from newspapers, and 6 percent from the yellow pages. Why miss the opportunity to tap into this proven form of advertisement? Interested in outdoor signs? Great, Vital Signs is ready to help you make it happen.

Sales, sales, and sales. This is the effective motto for any business. Sales equal profit, and profit equals success. In most cases, the implementation of outdoor signs directly leads to increased sales for a business. Studies of the fast food industry have shown that adding one monument outdoor sign can account for a 9.3 percent increase in sales and a large pole sign can account for a 15.6 percent increase. What about for retail? Adding a larger storefront sign can account for a 7.7 percent increase in sales and two new directional signs 8.9 percent. Why miss out on this?

Still not convinced about the usefulness of outdoor signs? Have you ever heard of Best Buy? You probably have. Well, studies have shown that 17 percent of their customers shop at their stores because of the giant yellow outdoor signs that they use. In addition, 85 percent of your customers live within 8 kilometers of your business. By using outdoor signs, you can attract them to do business with you. Another study revealed that 35 percent of customers admitted that they only heard about a business when they passed by their outdoor signs.

We aren’t drilling home these statistics for no reason. Hours and hours of research have been conducted in an effort to gauge the effectiveness of outdoor signs, and every study has revealed one conclusion, it works. It’s time to join the party. Vital Signs is a one-stop signage company that will help you produce the perfect signs for your company. We serve customers throughout Toronto, Concord, Brampton, and the entire GTA. Contact us today.