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New Designs of Pylon Signs Are Always “In” Fashion | Toronto, Markham & GTA

You have probably seen a lot of signage in your life. Big signage, small signage, wide signage, and more. When exploring how best to build pylon signage, it can be a bit overwhelming. This is because, when it comes to signage, most pylon signage follows a very distinct pattern. Signs like these look like gateways, arbors, and arcs. There is hardly any originality in this design.

That is not to state that this type of design does not work. It works very well. Many big box stores use this type of design to alert drivers to their various locations. However, this is not the only design available. Here are some unique designs that used to be popular, and can still be, when it comes to gaining more visitors and customers to your store.

Three-Sided Pylon Signs | Vital Signs

These signs feature the ability to advertise in three different directions at the same time. Unlike signs that are two-directional, there is a greater chance that a driver will see this sign. These signs are simple.

A strong metal stem leads to a three-sided hollow metal prism resting on top of it. You place your advertisements on the face of this three-sided prism, and viola! You are now advertising your location with great signage. Thinking outside the box like this can be a great marketing solution!

Make Your Pylon Signs Look Like Your Logo | Pylon Signs Toronto

For maximum familiarity for customers and visitors, create a sign that looks like your logo. Many stores and businesses already use this strategy, as their logos have become synonymous with their businesses. Everyone knows McDonald’s by its Golden Arches, and everyone knows Apple by its half-bitten Apple logo. There is no need to remind people of these companies because their logos do it on their own.

You too can use this strategy to increase your public profile. If your logo is too complicated, it may be worthwhile to have your logo re-designed to make it simpler. Complex logos can work, but customers and visitors will be able to remember simpler ones better.

Use Color to Decorate Your Signs | Signs Toronto

Many businesses have great signage, but the signage itself is bland. These companies do not use vibrant color profiles, which is a shame. Having a great-looking sign that stands out is a surefire way to gain visitors and customers. Simply adding any color at all will make your signs look better than black and white signage.

You too can benefit from injecting color in your signage. There are many options available to you, as you can use practically any color you want. If you want your sign to stand out in a crowd, choose colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel.

If your signs are in front of green shrubbery, color your signs red or orange. If your signs are in front of a brown building, color your signs yellow. There are so many choices to choose from, any of which can be successful at getting customers into your stores.

Pylon Signs Toronto, Markham Mississauga and the GTA | Vital Signs

Your pylon signs do not need to look like every other business’s signage. Create unique and inviting signs in order to gain more visitors and customers. For more information, you should contact Vital Signs to have your signage designed. We have helped countless businesses in and around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, and Mississauga, as well as their surrounding areas. Contact us online at our website and design your signage today.