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Neon Signs Can Have a Positive Effect on Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions

Signs are the face of companies, and they can make an impact in terms of advertising and communication.  Signs are often the first motivation for potential customers to stop at or enter a store.  There are many different types of signage to choose from, depending on your company’s needs.  A particularly effective type of signage is the neon sign.  A neon sign shines in the darkness, navigating people to your business.  People are attracted to brightness and a neon sign is a great way to attract customers in a cost effective way.  Signage doesn’t have to break the bank – at Vital Signs we can help you achieve the signage you need for a price you will like.

Making people pay attention to your neon sign is how Vital Signs can help.  From an assessment of your signage requirements, to placement, content and form, our top notch design team can assist you in creating the perfect sign for your company.  Placement of your signage is a key element of the success your sign will have.  Our experienced team will be able to help you find the placement that will reap the most benefits in terms of viewing and advertising effectiveness.  A neon sign will act as a silent salesperson creating numerous benefits and allowing you to advertise effectively and within your budget.

At Vital Signs, we have been designing and manufacturing neon signs for our valued clients for many years.  We offer design services, fabrication and installation of signs in Toronto, the GTA and Markham.  We strive to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, value and service.