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Neon Signs and the Challenges of Surviving the LED Era

LED technology took the market by surprise in the early 2000s. Companies that produce neon signs felt the pressure of this rapidly increasing technology, as it directly competed with their market share. How did neon signs survive the rise of LED and will they continue to maintain their niche? Vital Signs manufactures neon signs and understands their importance as a form of advertisement.

Neon signs will always have a place. LED signs may cut into their market share, but they will never outright replace them because they are starkly different forms of signage. For example, neon signs are capable of coming in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Using these features, they inspire a sense of nostalgia and some of the most iconic signs in the history of the world were made from neon. On the other hand, LED signs offer a company a cheap way to advertise. This type of signage can display multiple messages, its flashy, but its modern, and at times, lifeless.

Thus, neon signs will always have the advantage of providing that iconic form of signage that cannot be achieved through modern LED signs. This is not to say that you should avoid using LED signs. In fact, they are worth their money, and for certain businesses, they are one of the best ways to educate consumers about your products and services. Yet, if your business is a bar with a longstanding history, neon signs are a great way for you to use that history to your advantage.

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