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Make an Impact with Pylon Boxes

Pylon boxes are unlike any other form of signage you are likely to use to advertise your business. Unlike the poster on your store’s wall, or the sign above your door, or even the marquee you use to advertise your wares, pylon boxes are steadfast and practically permanent. While you can change your pylon box’s shape, frame, color, or information whenever you want, it is expensive to do so.

Pylon boxes separate you from your competition by sending a clear message to your customers that you value your business enough to want to install a permanent marketing fixture showing your dedication to your business. Customers and visitors like to see that the owners of their favorite businesses are invested in business growth, and providing their customers with the goods and services they deserve. Pylon boxes allow you, as the owner of a small business, to do this.

Attract Customers from a Distance

Pylon boxes, like the small businesses and stores they represent, stand tall and proud. There is no mistaking the purpose of a pylon box. When customers and visitors see your pylon box, they see everything you and your business have to offer. Whether you decide to advertise your location, contact information, best selling goods and services, or even just the amount of customers served (i.e. like MacDonald’s boasting they served over a billion hamburgers), is up to you.

However you decide to advertise and market your business to new and existing customers, ensuring that your business is seen in a positive light in the local community will help attract more customers to your doors. We have all had the experience where our maps are incorrect or our GPS fails and we search in vain for a small business or store we need to visit. Sometimes, the store you need is just out of view, like around the corner or on the next street over. With pylon boxes, that is no longer a problem.

Similar to how you can tell that winter is coming when birds fly south, you can tell where a business or store is located by your proximity to their pylon box or sign. They are, almost always, located within 50 to 100 feet of the store the boxes represent. If you can find the store’s pylon box, you can find the store.

Add to Your Local Community

Pylon boxes help diversify the local landscape. When you install a pylon box, you can be assured that everyone within your local area will see it. Unless you live in a highly-dense and populated area like New York City, pylon boxes are sometimes some of the tallest structures in the sky. As such, everyone will see your pylon boxes and everyone who requires your goods and services will be able to find you more easily.

The goods and services you sell are irrelevant to advertising and marketing, as odd as this sounds. You do not need to sell fancy luxury cars in order to make sales or advertise your business with pylon boxes. You could open a pencil shop and only sell pencils. Sometimes, the items we tend to forget about are the ones we need the most. Everyone needs pencils. If you own such a store, you could design and install a pylon box that looks like a giant pencil. That sort of ingenuity and creativeness will be appreciated by your customer base, as well as show off the unique characteristics of your small business or store.

If you are interested in designing and installing pylon boxes and signs for your small business or store, contact Vital Signs today. We have served many businesses in Concord, Brampton, Mississauga, and Southern Ontario. For more information, please visit us at our website today.