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Looking at the Signs Behind the Brands

There are many companies in the world who still rely on signs to help drive customers into their stores. While some marketers believe signage is outdated, we disagree with this sentiment, and we strongly urge businesses with a strong brick and motor presence to consider signage and the advertising advantage that it can bring their company. Vital Signs is committed to manufacturing high quality signs for all of our clients.

Why Are Signs Important?

Signs are an easy way for a company to increase its exposure without spending a lot. Traditional forms of advertising like radio, TV, and the Internet can be expensive and cost a company a lot. Yet, a sign incurs a onetime construction fee and potential maintenance fees in the future. In addition to increasing your businesses exposure, a sign will also build your brand and help people recognize your business.

Large Corporations and Signs

There are many companies in the world that have strong brand recognition. If you are driving down a road and you notice the golden arches, you will immediately picture a Big Mac and McDonald’s classic fries. When walking in a major mall, a white apple with a bite taken out of it will immediately conjure images of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and other Mac products. At a popular outlet mall, the red triangle with a leaf on top is easily identifiable as Canadian Tire.

All of these companies have strong brand recognition, but their signs will remind you of their product catalogues and help you make informed shopping decisions. Even the biggest corporations use signage as they recognize how important it is and how effectively it will draw customers into their stores. Capturing a customer’s attention is one of the most challenging parts of advertising. By pulling them into your store through the use of signage, a customer is far more likely to purchase something. Sales are the key to business and signs are a great way to increase your return on investment.

How To Harness the Power of Signage

A successful company will create a sign that is properly suited to their location. If you are in a crowded area that is full of signs, you will need one that stands out and captures the attention of potential customers. Size and scale are extremely important and something that all businesses must consider. In addition, location is another factor that can make or break the success of your sign. There is no point advertising your business in a deserted area or in an inaccessible location. For example, most restaurants will advertise their business through a sign along a highway. Motorists will see the sign, become hungry, and visit the restaurant at the nearest exit, all because they associated your restaurant with tasty food and the feeling of being full.

Bland signs will not capture the attention of consumers. Color and graphics are important, but remember to use them in moderation. Oversaturating a sign will make it hard to read and overly noisy. Combine effective graphics and colors with font that is properly sized and suited to your advertising goals.

Lastly, make sure that your signs are printed on the right type of sign. If you are advertising from a distance, you will need a tall sign that is large enough to be read by passing motorist. Intended goals are a major component of signage and you will need to communicate your plans with your sign manufacturer.

Vital Signs is dedicated to providing signage solutions to businesses in Toronto, Newmarket, Thornhill, Markham, and the entire GTA. If you have any questions about our signs or the industry in general, please feel free to contact us today.