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Let neon signs make your brand shine. We produce quality neon signs to promote your business.

Neon signs became popular around the year 1910. Since that time, this effective advertising tool has become one of the most popular typesof advertising. Modern and polished neon signs almost without exception are noticed by the target audience.

Potential consumers can easily notice these promotional signs from a distance even at night. Despite the technological evolution, advertising with neon signs has remained one of the greatest marketing tools, and competes among the most popular and effective forms of business promotion.  Neon signs have high drawing power and excellent cost benefit.

Neon signs are commonly used for both large and and small business, for many different purposes.  You may advertise your brand, product or service with this type of signage, and many businesses, like restaurants, bars and hotels, use neon signs with great results.

Neon signs are versatile; they can be a static display or can be customized to be turned on and off to offer a delusion of motion, calling even more attention to your business or product.

All categories of business can profit from a bright and flashy neon sign. Since they are so easily noticed, Neon signs make a lasting impression on everybody who passes by your place of business.  Neon signs are effective in establishing identity of a business or a product.

With over 20 years’ experience, Vital Signs is qualified to support your signage needs, including neon signscreations and installation.

Vital Signs are experts in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of signage. We proudly service Torontoand the GTA, Markham, Newmarket, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Concord, Brampton, Mississauga and all ofSouthern Ontario.