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Keep Your Awnings Permanent and Your Canopies Temporary to Increase Sales

Customers love to window shop. Window shopping is like a first date. You are simply gaining information about a product (or in the case of dating, a person) and you are deciding whether you want to continue this relationship. In the same way that shoppers might enter a store to get a better look at an LCD television being advertised in a storefront, a dater might ask for a second date to get to know his or her date better.

Obstacles to this progression can disrupt the natural order of things. When it comes to window shopping, the easier you make if your customers to effectively window shop, the more likely it will be that a customer will purchase your goods or services.

To be able to get the best of both worlds to facilitate window shopping, you should use both temporary and permanent structures to provide great coverage for customers from the elements at any time of the year. The more time a customer has to window shop, the better it is for your business.

Why Awnings are Great as Permanent Fixtures for Your Store

Affixing awnings to your store front, especially over the front window, is a great strategy to do two things: keep your products in the window display out of the sunlight, and allow potential customers to window shop while being protected from weather like rain, snow, and even sunlight.

As permanent fixtures, awnings also provide a great look for your store. Your store will look like a store out of a Disney movie, which is a great way to appeal to all customer demographics.

Depending on the angle and width of the awning, protection from the elements can cover anywhere from half of the sidewalk to the entire sidewalk. A permanent fixture can ensure that many, many customers get to window shop at the same time. While it is statically improbable that this will happen often, you may need to accommodate a family of shoppers all at the same time.

Why Canopies are Great as Temporary Fixtures for Your Store

Canopies are temporary structures. They can be set up and taken down at will, making them perfect for use during sidewalk events, or even during times of extreme weather conditions. If it starts to rain really badly, or if the sun is beating down on the sidewalk, you can install a temporary canopy. This will allow your potential customers to continue window shopping without needing to cover themselves to escape the weather.

The more freedom a potential customer has to window shop, the more likely it is that he or she will enter your store and purchase a product or service. With canopies, you can ensure that customers can window shop at any time of the year. This is actually a more precise strategy than affixing awnings to your store because they are permanent, while canopies can be set up and taken down when needed.

For quick results, install one awning and canopy each outside your store. For the best results install multiple awnings and canopies outside your store. Providing customers with protection from the elements is a great way to endear them to your business. Vital Signs, with satisfied business owners and operators as customers in and around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, and Mississauga, can help you use your signage to increase your sales and revenue generating potential. For more information regarding the benefit of signage, please visit us online at our website today.