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Invest in Additional Store Sign’s for Your Business

You’re no stranger to the design process. In the past, you commissioned a large sign for your store or company, one that displays your name and other relevant details. However, sometimes one sign isn’t enough. More is not always better, but in some cases, you need additional signage. This type of sign is often referred to as an alternate store sign. Commonly, they are open and closed signs, a single product that you may offer, or a small display that highlights your product and services. Vital Signs offers store sign design solutions, big and small.

The Effectiveness of an Additional Store Sign

An additional store sign may not be as flashy as your main store sign, but they are still important. Do not skip out on these important signs during the sign design process. First, the effectiveness of an open and close sign are self-explanatory. Not surprisingly, they tell a customer whether your business is open or closed. Shocking, right? Still, many businesses forget about these essential signs when purchasing signs for their business. Don’t be one of those businesses, think ahead.

Does your business offer a specific product or service? For example, a tattoo parlor may display a bright ‘tattoo’ neon sign. This store sign clearly states what product the business offers. Potential customers like this as it saves their time and it engages their visual senses. The sense of sight is the most important factor in the signage industry. Obviously, without sight, a store sign will not be seen.

Is your business a little more complex? For example, restaurants will often use a store sign to display their menu or their best dishes. This allows customers to quickly read a menu and decide whether or not this restaurant will work for them.

If you are in the market for signs, hire the right sign design company. Choose Vital Signs, we offer storefront signs, additional store signs, and many more. All of our services are offered to clients through Toronto,Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and the GTA.