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Improve Your Store Brand with Channel Letters

Think of a super-famous store or business you know. This store or business may be so famous, that you cannot recall ever seeing a television advertisement for it. A good example of such a business is Starbucks. Their store branding is so powerful that they do not need to advertise at all! With channel letters, you can increase your store branding to the point where you can replicate Starbuck’s success on a local scale within your community.

Store branding is important for every business. Your store branding sets you apart from your competition, even if your competition does the exact same thing that you do. A good example of this occurs in the food and beverage industry.

Generally, food and beverage companies will all use the same wholesale suppliers, like Sysco. Sysco packages and ships food and beverage parcels across North America to many different food and drink companies and businesses. School cafeterias, diners, sandwich shops, and more, all contract with Sysco, but you would not notice it if you just ate some of the food prepared by all these different companies.

The food is prepared differently but, at its source, it is all the same food. The same principle applies to your branding. At its source, your business may be just like all the others. However, the flair you put into your business and your store branding makes it unique.

Chanel Letters: Lit or LED?

LED letters are not the only form of lit letters that you can incorporate into your store’s channel letters, but they are popular. Many businesses choose to invest in LED letters for their channel letters because LEDs are inexpensive and reliable. You know that you are using a source of lighting that will not fail you. This is especially important after hours, when the store is closed and your letters are doing your advertising for you.

You are literally making money while you sleep!

In the end, it is of little importance whether you use LED letters or another form of lit letters like neon lighting for your channel letters. Lighting your channel letters is a great idea to improve your store branding.

The Difference in Store Branding

Take Apple, for example. Many companies sell computers. Google even sells its own software as well as its hardware, just like Apple. And yet, people love Apple. Whether you are an Apple fanboy or fangirl, or you purchase Apple products because your workplace uses them almost exclusively, store branding is a great reason as to why Apple has been so successful.

Apple products are synonymous with success and luxury. Most hot new tech startups use Apple products to convey this image.

Regardless of the company you manage or own, or the industry that you work in, store branding can work for you, especially when you use channel letters. You can use channel letters to turn your store name into your logo, just like many companies, like Subway, Bell, and Verizon do.

Before you decide to install channel letters, you should sit down and create a mockup of what you want your letters to look like, and whether you want to use lit letters or led letters. If you want professional help, you can always reach out to a designer or artist who can help you design your letters to look exactly how you want. After that, purchasing and installing channel letters on the exterior of your store or business is a simple process.

Vital Signs installs channel letters, lit letters, and led letters for clients and customers in and around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, and Mississauga. Letters, even unlit ones, can be a great marketing strategy for your store. For more information, please visit us today at our website.