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Improve Your Sign Design with a Great Logo

No matter what business you are in, the size of your store, or how many years you have been operating, your logo is more than just a representative picture of your business. It is a symbol of everything you and your business represent, and has the ability to elevate your business to symbolize your entire industry, if done right.

Like Apple Computers’ half-eaten apple decal, your logo should be a symbol for your industry. Here are five great steps to creating a timeless and appealing logo for great sign design.

Keep Your Sign Design Simple

Since customers will only glance at your logo or a few seconds, you need to make each and every second count. If your customers are confused when looking at your logo, you will need to improve your sign design. Simple logos are easier to recognize and remember, two customer reactions that will help ensure they keep coming back to your store year after year.

Your Logo Should be Versatile

If your logo is too narrowly focused, it may harm your future attempts at expanding your business. If, for instance, you own a plumbing supply store but you want to expand and offer everyday household products as well, a logo that looks like a leaky pipe will no longer be representative of your business.

If your logo however, was a smiling anthropomorphic house, customers would know your store specializes in household goods of all kinds. Make sure your logo is representative of your business and avoid unnecessary sign design renovations.

Look at Your Competition’s Sign Design

Visit your competitors’ business and put yourself in the mindset of a customer. Ask yourself if you can understand their sign design, and whether it is objectively better than yours. If it is, you will need to make some alterations to ensure customers are able to have the same experience you did, but at your store.

Take notes of businesses that you are not in competition with, and learn from their successes and mistakes as well. Every mistake is a lesson in disguise that you can apply to your own business.

Consider Whether an Abstract Logo Is Better

Sometimes, businesses have sign designs and logos that do not directly correlate with the goods and services they offer. After all, the Starbucks mermaid has nothing to do with coffee. And yet, this logo is effective because it is abstract and easy to remember. Every other coffee company has a logo with a mug on it, or coffee beans, or some other coffee-related item. Starbucks, however, has separated themselves from their competition with their unique logo, and become a recognizable leader in the coffee retail industry. Maybe your logo would benefit too if it was more abstract, like Starbucks’ is.

Analyze Your Business, Not Your Customers

Your customer demographics will change over time. This happens to most businesses. It may be a gradual process, or it may be very quick. Ultimately, your customer base today may not be a representative sample of your customer base in ten years. If your own a shoe store and the majority of your customers are children, it may not be worthwhile replacing your logo with a child-friendly icon if, in ten years, you find more adults shop at your store than children. Having a logo that appeals to all age groups is better, especially if you sell shoes to customers of all ages.

Similarly, in your business, you need to create a logo that appeals to your business, not your current customer base. Analyze your current business model, and future plans, to decide the best type of symbolization for your logo. Also, keep in mind that you do not have to keep the same logo forever. You can change your sign design at any time.

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